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Updating all strikes to the level of Devil’s Lair would improve the core playlist enjoyability.

destiny2 3 - Updating all strikes to the level of Devil's Lair would improve the core playlist enjoyability.

Something that both Cabal Battlegrounds and Devil's Lair that make both of them really enjoyable:

Enemy Density.

Of course, the layout of the playfield of both activities is really well done, giving enough cover to break line of sight in dangerous situations, but not enough space to players lay too back and snipe everything.

Overwhelming forces is more challenging than few overpowered bullet sponges.

The prophecy dungeon is challenging as a solo player not because everything can OHK you, but because the density and aggressiveness of mobs. Knights pursuing your ass with their flame and cannon, while you have a dozen psions firing a salvo of projectiles.

The Reckoning was a Enjoyable experience because it had a absurd amount of enemies rushing you (i'm not going to point stomp mechanics rn).

I really like the idea that higher difficulty options to activities shouldn't rely solely on buffing enemies to 2x, 3x, or 5x their HP and damage output. Higher difficulties could be achieved with higher enemy density, higher enemy tiers (like on battlegrounds, as the players progress, the enemies start spawning more orange and yellow tiers instead of redbars only).

If a heroic nightfall has 300 enemies, mostly redbars, a few oranges and less yellows, the Grandmaster could as well be 450~550 enemies, mostly orange bars, a few yellows, and some minibosses;i.e: Devil's lair knights and witches could be all majors, the brig and the spider tank could be mini-bosses, all vandals and captains could be orange bars, etc.

I hate competing for kills in strikes and heroic nightfalls.

I hate dealing with OHK enemies that can take as much as 8 Xeno shots for no other reason than "it is what it is" (overload champions can suck my dick).


Most strikes would be improved by a lot with this, pumping up enemy density in Strikes and Nightfall would make the playlist feels much better without too much work.

Ramping up enemy density, enemy tiers, and aggressiveness, instead on relying on bullet sponges and OHK, would improve endgame content. (i'm sorry, but OHK bullet sponges bring the speed of the game to a halt sometimes, on a game as fast as destiny, it doesn't feels good).

TL;DR: Make all strikes have the enemy density of Devil's Lair and Cabal Battlegrounds.

Edit: a few gramatical fixes.

Edit 2: holy fuck, this blew up, but Thank you for all the awards and upvotes, and front page!On a more serious tone, although i do think that bungie should do more of Devil's Lair in the future AND rework older strikes to bring it up to par, Higher dificultes such as Master and GM should be looked upon too, as it is, doubling or even tripling enemy density in those modes would be just plain bullshit and could make some strikes near impossible to do. Pumping up enemy density will indeed require work that bungie may or may not be willing to do, BUT it does feel like the Strike playlist scenario could benefit A LOT from it.

Edit 3: it's even funnier people saying that this is a paraphrasing of Datto's video, because if you try hard enough, you can read the post with his voice in mind. I do agree on his take, heavily, but the post came more from a opinion that was there, but didn't took this form until we got these activities, and a lot of people agree with this. Most strikes that have too few enemies aren't fun, even more if that strike runs longer (like the Corrupted, that is gianormous).

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