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Updating Fallen S.A.B.E.R. to Modern Context

destiny2 8 - Updating Fallen S.A.B.E.R. to Modern Context

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As seen with the Disgraced Strike, they made the Will of Crota Strike make sense in modern context, especially with ties to the New Light quest. However, in Season of the Chosen, the Fallen S.A.B.E.R. and Devil's Lair Strikes have returned with no changes to dialogue even though the Strikes use House of Dusk Fallen. I do not blame Bungie for this, nor do I believe this really diminishes the Strikes. But what if the dialogue was changed for modern context? I decided to write Dialogue for each Strike, starting with the Fallen S.A.B.E.R. Strike. This is purely for fun and is not me asking for changes. This is simply something I had created for my own entertainment that I wish to share within the Destiny Community.

I hope you guys enjoy.

Minor changes other than dialogue

-The boss is renamed Fallen S.A.B.E.R.-3 as a nod to how the original boss was named Fallen S.A.B.E.R.-2.

-Fallen enemies are that of House of Salvation, and not of House of Dusk.


~Mission Transit~

ZAVALA: Guardian. The House of Salvation has deployed a squad to Old Russia to plunder Rasputin's Warsat network.

GHOST: Rasputin was there to defend his network when the House of Devils tried to hack it. Who knows how far House of Salvation would get without Rasputin.

ZAVALA: Precisely. Put an end to their efforts.

~Mission Start~

ANA BRAY: We can't afford to lose Red's Warsats. Even though we can't access them, we can't let them fall into enemy hands. Get those thieves out of his bunker.


ANA BRAY: Watch out! I've knocked a Warsat out of orbit, it should be landing near your position. The access codes will be inside. But the Fallen or Hive will be inbound to scavenge the wreckage.

~Defending Warsat~

GHOST: Of course the crazy Russian changed the firewalls. Can a machine even be paranoid?


GHOST: You think this would be easier than last time… It's not.


GHOST: I can't tell if the Warsats have gotten harder to crack…or I gotten worse at math.

~Access Codes~

GHOST: Access Codes acquired. Let's go!

~Accessing Bunker~

GHOST: Ana, is the Warsat network even active anymore?

ANA: The Warsats we launched in preparation of the Pyramid Ships have all gone into standby. No one's been able to access them. Not even me.

GHOST: Then how can we be certain the Fallen can access it?

ANA: We can't be. But we can't take the risk either. I hate to admit it, but the Fallen are really clever.

~Finding a way through~

GHOST: Ana, the bunker is sealed tight. Last time we had to… Improvise.

ANA: I'd much rather you break Red's stuff than the Fallen.

~Exploding the Conduit~

ANA: No! Don't break that!

GHOST: Sorry Ana. We were just trying to get through.

ANA: Ugh. I guess if that's what it takes… But now I see why Red threatened you with orbital bombardment last time.



ANA: Hey–hey! Don't you think that was a little excessive!?

GHOST: It's what we did last time. And see, it worked again!

ANA: Of course it did! With all that damage to the systems you just did you–sigh Nevermind.


ANA: Huh!? What did you just do!?

GHOST: We strategically opened a way through the vents to traverse deeper into the bunker.

ANA: You mean you blew up a power conduit!

GHOST: Strategically.

ANA: Angry grunt

~Arc Streams~

GHOST: Oh boy. Arc streams. I did not miss these.

ANA: Really? After everything you and your Guardian have been through and you're worried about some Arc streams?

GHOST: After everything we've done, Arc streams haven't gotten any less dangerous.


GHOST: Wow. Even after all this time, the power is still immense.

ANA: Zavala once thought that with Rasputin, power like this could be used to help the Last City for a very long time. I think Zavala was finally getting around to Red.


GHOST: Huh. The drift velocity of these Arc streams are still different than the Last City's. I'm glad to see some things haven't changed.

~Approach to Boss~

GHOST: If word really gets around that Rasputin is offline, then breaches of this magnitude might become more common. Sounds like more Strikes are gonna have to be commissioned.


GHOST: I remember when Rasputin hated Light Bearers. I know he… What he had done to the Iron Lords. But it really does seem like he had changed. That he was… In remorse. I hope we are able to fix him.


GHOST: At one point I was jealous of Rasputin and all of his bunkers. But now… I'm happy to be in your backpack, Guardian.

~Fallen S.A.B.E.R.-3 emerges~

GHOST: Another Saber unit!? The Fallen sure are persistent!

ANA: Put that machine back into the scrap pile!

~Fallen S.A.B.E.R.-3 is defeated~

GHOST: We did it! Ana, the bunker is secured once more!

ANA: Thank you Guardian. The last thing I want is Red's stuff being used by the Fallen. Though he would ordinarily not… I'm sure Red would have thanked you too.


GHOST: And back into the scrap heap you go!

ANA: Good work Guardian! Zavala is gonna send a fireteam to seal the bunker back up. Hopefully your heroics will teach the Fallen and other races not try something like this again.

GHOST: One can hope!


GHOST: And that's that! House of Salvation eliminated from the Bunker.

ANA: Serves them right! How dare they disturb Red's property while he's defenseless! The Fallen don't know when to leave things well enough alone.

GHOST: That's quite the understatement with the Fallen nowadays.

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