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Vault 2.0 – a Revamped Vault UI (Concept)

destiny2 8 - Vault 2.0 - a Revamped Vault UI (Concept)

Hello everyone 🙂

Yesterday, I created a thread with the intent of gathering feedback on people's relationship with the in-game Vault. Based on those suggestions, I've decided to take it upon myself to work on what could be a possible redesign of this feature.

While I appreciate the work of inventory managers like DIM and Ishtar Commander (and I use it every day), I still see plenty of people in-game using the Vault in the Tower, and I'd imagine that it's still a very utilized feature. I think that now that sunsetting is gone, we might need a few changes so its relatively future proof. So my ideas with this re-design were simple: Organize and subdivide the Vault into a more streamlined UI with more features that are accessible on any platform. My objective was to keep the UI clean and consistent across all subcategories – adding features like sorting and filtering by character class, item polarity, energy type and so on.

So, when you open the Vault 2.0, you would be greeted with this
FG3JSUO - Vault 2.0 - a Revamped Vault UI (Concept)

main screen. As you can see, I've increased the Vault space to 1000 just to future proof it a little bit. These 4 badges contain categories in which I believe would be the most useful, with the "All Items" badge just being a general overlook of all your items, like what we've got now. There's also a Search bar, so you can search for any item at any time, and a visual warning of your vault space, which is consistent across all subfolders.

Once you open a category, like in this instance Armor,
bk91cBG - Vault 2.0 - a Revamped Vault UI (Concept)

here's what you would see. I've tried to transfer the look of the new transmog system into the vault, allowing you to filter your Vault by which armor piece you want (or you can select all of them). You can also select the
o7w4ZSj - Vault 2.0 - a Revamped Vault UI (Concept) and
cqEWb87 - Vault 2.0 - a Revamped Vault UI (Concept)
Sorting options, which allow you to order stuff and find what you want more easily.

Here is what the Weapons menu would look like with the same system:

y1yAML6 - Vault 2.0 - a Revamped Vault UI (Concept)

Vault – Weapons Menu/Filtering

ikO34ou - Vault 2.0 - a Revamped Vault UI (Concept)

Weapons Sorting

Another cool feature would be the ability to
77L5ZLI - Vault 2.0 - a Revamped Vault UI (Concept)

hold your Transfer button so you could "Tag an Item as Junk". This would carry across all categories as an option within the Vault, allowing you to mass delete items at any point.

I've played around the idea of creating a set amount of player loadouts, although that might be asking too much for now so I didn't include it here, but for sure it remains a possibility.

In conclusion, I believe that with these changes, the Vault could become a much more organized place to go to in-game to sort your stuff between all characters. More features could be added down the line, like filtering by perks or stats, but I think this would already be a good start.

Let me know what you think, and thanks for your time reading this! 😀

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