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Vendor Deals on D2Checklist, or “Should I visit Devrim to buy a hat today?”

destiny2 8 - Vendor Deals on D2Checklist, or "Should I visit Devrim to buy a hat today?"

Hey all,

It's been a since I've posted here about
home - Vendor Deals on D2Checklist, or "Should I visit Devrim to buy a hat today?" but I wanted to announce a new feature over at D2Checklist: Deals (
sXStMtK - Vendor Deals on D2Checklist, or "Should I visit Devrim to buy a hat today?"screenshot). In short, this will compare what vendors are selling with what you already have in your inventory and collections and tell you if there are things you should probably.

Missing Collection Items

This checks 3 places for items that are usually worth buying if you don't already have them in your collections:

  • Tess's bright dust shaders (which are are only 40 BD)

  • Banshee's weapon mods (did you miss "Lucent Blade" the other season? Well you can check here to see if it's on sale today)

  • Xur's armor (Don't have Sunbracers yet? Well go get them!)

Armor Stat Deals

In short, this will compare armor you have with armor that vendors are selling and if the vendor armor is better, it will show up here. You click on an entry to see it compared.

How does the site decide what's better? It uses your preferred stats, which you can adjust by clicking on the
little settings icon (or in the D2Checklist gear manager page, where the same settings are used for sorting armor). The stats default to values shown in the screenshot, but this is not one size fits all so please adjust to your play style.

Exchange Deals

This happens to me too often:

  • Run low on glimmer

  • Fly to spider

  • Spider requires phaseglass needles and I only have 5 of them.

  • Curse and wait a day. (Similar issue with Banshee and upgrade modules when I'm trying to level up gear for a raid)


So what I've done here is shown what Spider and Banshee are selling and combined it with what you're already holding. For example in my screenshot above, I can tell that I'm low on Upgrade Modules (I only have 3) and that Banshee is selling them for Seraphite, which I have a 1,532 of, so today is a good time to buy.

Other notes

Gear Manager –

While I'm here I'll remind folks that D2Checklist is also a great way to check your gear for god rolls (based on u/pandapaxxy god rolls from sharditkeepit) and tag your gear to upgrade, keep, infuse and shard. It has some neat bulk functions which will:

Sync Locks: Lock everything marked as Keep/Upgrade, Unlock everything marked as Infuse/Junk

Shard Mode: Empty the inv on your current char, move all your Junk to that char and unlock it. (I once used this to delete 300+ items in my kid's inventory while keeping the good stuff)

More info here:

Milestone/Triumph/Pursuit Tracking

This page works for any user, whether signed in or not. It's a great way to track your power grind on the new season or track triumphs and seals you're working on.

Clan Tracking

Most of the features on the player page also work at the clan level. Just sign in and click "My Clan" or search by clan name to check it out. It's a handy way to find a clanmate that hasn't done the raid yet this week, or to check who needs one more Triumph for the seal you're working on.

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