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Warlock Exotic Concept: Ol’ Reliable

destiny2 3 - Warlock Exotic Concept: Ol' Reliable

Before the idea begins I wanna warn people this is a rather long post as it contains the exotic idea itself, the supposed lore tab, what thought went into making it, and how I could see it being used.


The exotic itself

Bad exotic page mockup

Name: Ol' Reliable

Warlock Exotic Gauntlet.

"Back in the Dark Age, you needed street smarts, not book smarts" -The Drifter

Exotic Perk: One to Watch Your Back

Exotic Effect: Replaces the Warlock Rift class ability with the ability to place elemental mines that change effect based on

your currently equipped element. Final Blows with the mine restore class ability energy.

Solar: "Increased power of the Mine at the cost of smaller detection range"

Arc: "Increased detection range of the Mine"

Void: "Stealth Mine at the cost of lowered dealt damage."


The mines stay on the field for a similar amount of time rifts do at 15s. They can detect through walls if the range extends through it. Think like being able to mine behind the doors in Bannerfall and someone triggering the detection as they run up close just before entering the doors. (Like how rifts can sometimes be visibly seen beyond such things). The mines themselves have visible lights on them like hunter trip mines. They will also pulse out visibly for 5 seconds on placement, the pulse extending up to the mines full detection range. After the pulses stop, only the light remains visible. Friendly mines have a green light, hostile have a red. The mines are placed a bit faster (20%) than rifts are placed now.

On base (arc basically) mine damage is equal to a melee. The mines themselves lack one tap potential and are more of a trap to set or as a way to punish pushing in things like pvp by letting you deal a fair amount of damage and then cleaning up a kill, or better yet weakening and enemy then placing a trap for them to run into after you've retreated.

On solar the damage is equal to a solar melee that is enhanced with a solar plexus. Imagine the range reduction of the mine being a 30% smaller rift.

Arc's range detection could be described as if your rift was 30% bigger.

Void's effect is more sinister, at the cost of 30% of original damage, The bright Light is no longer visible to enemies and the mine no longer pulses out when placed. Friendly mines still give a green indicator however. The range of this mine is equal to the base size of your rift.

Synergies and How I can see it being used:

In PvE this will be good for things like point defending such as towers in GoS, plates in most raid encounters or to give yourself a second to regen while enemies approach you. I can see this definitely synergizing with middle tree solar for those who wish to still have a healing option, while also giving that tree some more offensive options that synergize well with Benevolent Dawn to restore mine energy when healing team or resurrecting them. Some might use Arc for greater mob aoe when it comes to the many hoard encounters that tend to be added to Destiny. Void is far less useful here, at best synergizing with Devour to give you more options to get kills to restore your HP.

In PvP this would offer a interesting playstyle to use, a top tree might place their mine down behind a corner after retreating with Icarus Dash. Middle tree at the lack of a PvP viable super and speed might see use with this exotic due to the ability synergy I mentioned above for those who want to be more supportive in group pvp. The increased range on Arc might see a higher use in Arc when it comes to PvP due to the increased range allowing them to better trap areas with bigger detection than the other two subclasses which can allow for cleanup with grenades and easily give you better time to punish apes. Void might be a favorite despite the damage nerf simply because these mines will be something not obvious to see, getting cheap easy damage that wont do much other than make quick(er) primary kills.


How I considered balancing it VS Rift

Warlock rifts are an interesting thing to consider in terms of replacing. I wanted to consider what someone would be willing to switch from instant health regen or a damage buff field to. I at one point considered Solar Mine being able to one tap low resilience guardians (like 1-3) but at a 50% range reduction, but in the end decided against it because it would be considered too powerful. If it kills at low res it would still leave high res players at a low enough health that a passing wind would kill them. I also wanted to make each element have its own mine since this can change up what element you end up using in the end rather than just making a single tree or element just that much stronger and the only one you would use with the said exotic. I'd much rather have every element have its own strengths and weaknesses. I also made it faster to place due to how its not something that's going to give you your hp back but rather something to hurt others. I considered adding stasis as a factor but couldn't decide what its effect would be maybe other than just a default mine with no buff or debuff to it like the other 3. So I decided to just not give stasis the utility of mine placement, which would probably be for the best with the new system and how that's going to change ability functionality anyways.

I think a exotic that you can place and leave from it, that also deals damage turns your class ability upside down from what is currently a position anchor that heals you or gives you a slight damage buff. Considering Titan and Hunter get Class ability altering exotics I decided to come up with my own. Whether you end up using said exotic I think is up to the player if they so wish to give up easy healing for more offensive potential that doesn't require position anchoring.

Why did I make it a exotic gauntlet over any other armor piece? Just personal Bias, I tend to use glove exotics in PVP and PVE.

The Lore Tab

"Back in the Dark Age, you needed street smarts, not book smarts" -The Drifter

The drifter says to a warlock looking at a odd gauntlet they found strewn about by his bank.

"And why would that be? Not a lot of books to read back then?", the warlock chuckles turning the gauntlet over, further examining it. The drifter walks up to the warlock and grabs the gauntlet from his hands,

"Nah, nothing like that brother, there were , all golden age records, final words from loved ones, memories of a better time. But you see, back then the only person you could trust to watch your back was yourself. So what did you do when you couldn't even do that?"

The warlock looked up at the drifter whos smile seemed to never waiver, "Traps?"

The drifter unfurled a finger in the gauntlet and tapped it against his head, "Yeah traps, more specific, Mines. The previous owner of this bad boy was a real paranoid type, used to lay one down every time he entered a room..", the drifter paused for a second, tossing the glove back to the warlock, "and after. Can't blame him, he lost his ghost."

The warlock looked at the sears that adorned the arms, "What happened to him?"

The drifter scoffs before leaning back up against the railing, flipping his jade coin, "The punk got spooked, in a panic forgot he had the mine down in the first place as he ran and…", The drifter made a motion with his hands, "Boom! The sucker was in little pieces. This was the only thing left intact."

The drifter looked up and eyed the warlock looking at the piece with increased curiosity, he smirked, "Y'know if you wanna use that thing go ahead, but on one condition brother, You gotta get through some gambit without bitin' the dust."

The warlock stared back at the drifter and agreed, as he was about to walk out of the drifter's room in the annex, the drifter stopped him, placing a hand on his shoulder, his voice losing it's normal whimsy and sounding deadly serious, "Listen, just like this little game I put on, you better not be telling anyone about this. Not a word, to Ikora or anyone in that Vanguard of yours. Do you understand?"

The warlock nodded, the drifter's tone soon returned to normal, "Then go knock yourself out brother. Another thing, I since modified it so hopefully what happened to him won't happen to you. Watch your back out there Brother."

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