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Warlock solo flawless Prophecy – Preparation and Guide

destiny2 3 - Warlock solo flawless Prophecy - Preparation and Guide

Yesterday night I finally gathered all the pieces I needed for my solo flawless ideal build, and my attempts began.

On the first one I got to the Phalanx and realized I was out of banners, gave it an attempt to warm up and then went to grab banners.

On the second the phalanx booped me off instantly, yikes.

On the third the doorway to reach the Exahedron bugged and didn't allow me through.

On the 4th attempt I got the solo, flawless and solo flawless triumph!

Exahedron, rainbow road and Kell's Echo were all 1st try.

Here goes:

Pre attempt bucket list: there are some items you're going to need to get to make your life easier. Some you might have already, some you might need to farm for.

Mods: Concussive danpener, Major Resist and Boss resist are all basic mods.

  • Taken barrier: comes from Last Wish chests. You can get a free one a week, but LW at this point is extremely easy. I did it with a 5 man team with only the dark drinker sword for ALL bosses, and it was one of the funnniest raids I did in Destiny! Try it out!
  • Hive barrier: comes from Crown of Sorrow. Tough luck… Nah, you can actually do Menagerie as long as you have the perk to get mods from the final chests. 3 attempts per character per week. Easy enough.
  • Oppressive darkness: comes from the artifact. Bungie please make it a standard mod going forward!
  • Blast Radious: I'm pretty sure this is a Season of Dawn mod (?), so I don't know if you can still get this one. Maybe Banshee will sell it randomly.
  • Protective light: this was a gamechanger personally: " While Charged with Light, you gain significant damage resistance against combatants when your shields are destroyed. This effect consumes all stacks of Charged with Light. The more stacks consumed, the longer the damage resistance lasts.
    -10 Strength. " It's also an obelisk mod, but if you have it slot it in! It's bonkers!
  • Armour to slot into the Taken Barrier and Hive barrier. If you need help: Pit of Heresy dungeon will give compatible armor for Hive Barrier, as that's an opulence mod. LW and SoTP will give Taken Barrier compatible armor.
  • Anarchy, Xenophage, Mountaintop and Recluse are weapons I'd say are necessary. You can obviously use other things, but you won't be as effective. Curated Nations of Beasts from LW is a really good substitute for Recluse
  • Taken Spec (also from LW if I'm not mistaken) should go on all your legendary weapons for this Dungeon! Don't forget about it!

You should be at least at 1060 to have a comfortable time LL wise 🙂

My loadout consisted of mostly void armor for Grenade launcher purposes: double GL finder, reserves, enhanced + normal GL reload. I had 1x Boss resist, 2x major resist, 2x Concussive dampener, 1x Taken barrier, 1x Hive barrier, Blast radious and Protective light.

The weapons I used were:

Primary: Witherhoard and Mountaintop

Special: Recluse and Hush

Heavy: Falling Guillotine, Xenophage and Anarchy

Opening and Pahalx boss: Witherhoard – Recluse – FG on Well.

Use witherhoard on the tralls to get x2 Charged with light. This will come in handy for Phalanx. Do the opening normally as it'll give you enough for a super. When you get to the boss put down a flag, pop your super where you want to begin the encounter, rally to get it back and then start the enocunter. You'll still get 20 seconds on Well. Witherhoard stick to the knights to easily kill them from cover or whike avoiding damage in the open for light motes.

Recluse to clear the psions (people also might want to use riskrunner) and play it safe. Grenade for health + overshield and WH to block pathing enemies could take to melee rush you while you're recovering.

Keep the well for damage. When you extinguish the last pillar WH the boss, drop Well and go to town with FG. 5 light, heavy then keep light attacking until you can heavy again. Easy 1 phase. Well ignores goblin's overshield as your weapons count as super damage inside of it.

Blights: take it slow. Use mountaintop to snipe the hobgoblins that spawn and jump on top of the blights to destroy them. That way you won't take DoT from them. Some enemies can still shoot at you though, so get a heal nade or rift ready just in case. This is a chill time.

When approaching the Exahedron, WALK! Otherwise you'll end up stuck in the corridor as I did.


Exahedron time! Mountaintop – Hush (or Recluse if you want to be down low) – Xenophage on Devour.

My advice would be to jump high every time asap. It might sound cheesy, but the first 30 seconds of each room can be chaos. And Acolytes love to spawn their eyes. You might take massive ammounts of damage from all of them.

Use Xeno to 1 tap the hobgoblin immediately when you're safe. Use devour and Hush / Mountaintop to clear the acolytes. 2 mountaintop shots will kill the Knight if they're direct impacts.

Killing a knight spawns an hobgoblin and the same goes the other way around. This must be in your head 100% of the time! Don't let a sniper catch you off guard. Boomer knights will be easy to deal with with all the mods we have, hobs not so much.

Take it slow and stedy. Don't panic and be careful since some sides of the cube have holes when they become floor.

Bosses are easy: 1 nova almost kills one of them, and Xeno almost stunlocks them.

Rainbow road: keep Xeno on. Hush is useful aswell here, if you prefer switch to a scout rifle.

Just walk. Take time to breath and relax post cube. It'll be easy if you don't try to rush to the boss.

Kell's Echo: Mountaintop – Recluse – Anarchy on Devour.

OH BOY! You're almost there!

Only 2 knights are up at the same time, psions spawns in timed waves and Ogres when you clear a pillar. This informations need to be burned into your head!

Start off by popping devour and killing all the Psions with Recluse. Devour will ensure you stay alive and it'll quickly regen your vortex grenade.

Knights are now 2 direct mountaintop shots + a bit of Recluse to down. You might think this is bad, but it's actually great news! You can get them both week and finish them with Recluse from light or dark almost at the same time.

When dunking remember that the boss shoots at you, and he can deal a good ammount of damage! Extinguish the pillar, get Anarchy out and face the ogre! 2 Anarchy mines and a Mountaintop shot are all you need: stick the floor and the ogre with Anarchy, switch to Mountaintop and direct impact him.

Allow anarchy to finish him, use a finisher or use Recluse.

This 1st phase will be cahotic on ANY new room. 3 bosses shooting at you, all the knights and the psions are a lot to keep under control. Devour comes in handy way way too much here! Use it, abuse it!

After all 3 plates have been cleansed get to the elevator and get ready for DAMAGE!

The general strategy is to stick the boss with 2 mines, use your Oppressive Darkness vortex greande and then Nova. After that it's a matter of keeping up damage with Mountaintop + Anarchy.

Be careful about the Hobgoblins. They can be quite deadly if left unchecked.

IF you get hit by a teleporting orb DON'T PANIC and DON'T MOVE! It'll teleport you on a plate, but sometimes you might be close to the edge, so you could easily walk off of it to your death. You'll have enough time to reach the boss before Dark Entropy reaches x10.

When the boss leaves you are free to wait before starting the next side of the adds room. Make sure your grenade is ready to be consumed to proc Devour before stepping into the sand elevator.

As before, pop Devour, clear all Psions, clear a side to get room to breath and stay calm.

You will more than likely have to do 4 phases of damage. You'll get lots of ammo during this so don't worry about using Anarchy a bit if you're in a tough spot.

Once the boss is dead you'll get teleported and a bit later the triumphs will pop up.

If this was the first time solo you'll also get the solo triumph and the flawless triumph, along with the solo flawless one.

Congrats! You did it!

I loved the preparation before doing the Dungeon. Having a bucket list of items and mods to go grab made it feel like an RPG where you need to get stronger before facing an important mission, and I wish we had more moments like this in Destiny. And I'm not talking about LL grind. Hopefully this guide was helpful!

Sorry for my bad English, I'm an Italian Guardian.

Take care 🙂

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