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Warlocks, bored players, I present you a fun, effective build, Riven Perfected!

destiny2 10 - Warlocks, bored players, I present you a fun, effective build, Riven Perfected!

Just like Sepiks was Perfected, and Outbreak was Perfected, now a piece of Riven has been exposed to Warmind enhancements, and so, Riven, has been Perfected.

The Riven Perfected build focuses around One Thousand Voices, Sunbracers, Attunement of Sky, and the new Season of the Worthy mods.

Suggested Equipment

Kinetic: Revoker, Seraph Auto Rifle, Perfect Paradox

Energy: Martyr's Retribution, Seraph Shotgun, Auto Rifle

Heavy: One Thousand Voices

Armor: Sunbracers

Necessary Mods: Wrath of Rasputin, Rage of the Warmind

Optional Mods: Global Reach, Warmind's Protection, Grasp of the Warmind, Power of Rasputin, Any Armaments

The focus of this build is to use your Melee to proc Sunbracers. Sunbracers then refill your Grenade, and grant you unlimited Grenades for 5 seconds, if you throw a Grenade within 5 seconds. Aerial kills grant +25% Melee Energy, which combos very well with these Grenades. Given the Grenade spam, as you might imagine, Armaments is also incredibly effective.

The next important part is Wrath of Rasputin. It creates Warmind Cores via Solar Splash kills. All Grenades will count towards this, as well as kills with One Thousand Voices, and Martyr's Retribution. These Cores are enhanced with Solar damage by Rage of the Warmind, which also enables your kills from Cores to spawn more Cores. If using Revoker, shooting Cores will count as missing a shot, thus refunding the bullet.

Optional mods. Warmind's Protection reduces incoming damage by 50%, which given we have no healing abilities besides a Rift on the ground, a place we'll not often find ourselves, it's very helpful in increasing survival. Additionally however, it adds a yellow highlight to any nearby enemies. This not only increases your ability to see targets, but it also acts as a notification for when Cores are spawned, and where they are located. Power of Rasputin works in a similar way, however the damage increase is only 10%. This 10% stacks with other sources, however I don't personally find it to be that reasonable a trade-off.


The last mod to talk about is the last of the optional mods, but an interesting one. Grasp of the Warmind allows you to pick up Warmind Cores. Once thrown, they can't be picked up again. That said, once picked up, the timer on the Core will reset, and while held the Core is unable to time out. This means you can carry your Cores from one encounter to the next or hold it until the next wave of enemies spawn. When thrown, Cores have high Aim Assist, and will attempt to stick to enemies similar to Fusion Grenades. If you melee an enemy while holding a Core, it will disorient that enemy for a few seconds.

Your weapon choices should focus around weapons that can be used effectively while in the air. High RPM weapons such as Auto Rifles are great for this, as low accuracy firing is more effective when firing a high number of rounds. The Seraph Auto and Perfect Paradox can both stand to be shot from the sky within their respective ranges, and maintain a fair degree of accuracy in doing so. This same philosophy applies to the Energy suggestions.

The exceptions to the above rule are Revoker, and Martyr's Retribution. As mentioned before, Revoker can shoot Cores from long ranges quite easily, but it also refunds the bullets which hit Cores, as they count as missed shots. This makes it one of the best possible Kinetic weapons available. The best Energy however, is Martyr's Retribution, provided it has Demolitionist. Martyr's is amazing at getting Solar Splash kills due to it's predictability in where the shots will land/go, as well as it's long reach. Cross this with Demolitionist however, and it can reload when throwing Grenades. Normally this is a nice bonus, but with this build, it means you can proc Sunbracers and alternate throwing Grenades, allowing 5 back to back shots of Martyr's. This has some crazy damage potential.

In summary, the gameplay loop of this build is using Melee to grant Grenades, and Grenades to spawn Cores, Ammo, and kill low-mid tier enemies. Those Cores/Ammo then get used to eliminate all enemies within a large area, and fuel One Thousand Voices, for any/all long range/high health targets.

I hope you all enjoy my build!

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