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We Should Be Able to Decrypt Prime Engrams at Banshee for Weapons or Rahool for Armor, to Assist With Leveling and/or Infusing.

destiny2 1 - We Should Be Able to Decrypt Prime Engrams at Banshee for Weapons or Rahool for Armor, to Assist With Leveling and/or Infusing.

I can’t count the amount of Simulator Arms, Insight Vikti Robes, 48-stat roll helmets, etc. that I have gotten…

Primes have now turned into a quick insta-shard to make room for the X’ed out Legendary engram I cant pick up because I have 9 Umbrals, and a Prime and can’t get my world drop legendary that always turns into a Hipfire Grip/Surrounded Escape Velocity when I claim it at the postmaster.

At least then, even at Pinnacle Cap, Primes could help you not waste an Upgrade Module for your 1010 weapon that just came back in meta or may come in handy for a GM or build…or maybe drop a 1060 Feeding Frenzy/Rampage Last Hope or something…

Only thing that will suffer is Master Ra’Tool. I’m pretty sure that’s why he doesn’t ever look the guardian in the eye, too. He’s the only NPC that doesn’t…I mean, I couldn’t look someone in the eye either as I decrypted their hard-earned Prime into a 48 Stat-roll Thorium Holt Hood with 2 mobility and 3 intellect, or a hipfire/box breathing sniper rifle.

Little QoL that I think would help.

Mirage FTW.

Edit: Thank you, everyone, sincerely, for all the gilds and awards you guys all generously granted this post. I love discussions like these because it gives a better idea of how the community feels, and fuels more discussion leading to better, cumulative suggestions. Bungie listens to its fans, for the most part, so posts like the Suggestion Posts, I feel, are super important, to some extent, and I love to see them on front page. They are always such good, often simply implementable changes, too. I just got done working eight 12-hour shifts at a Cerebral Palsy residence, and finally have some time off this weekend to play some Destiny and relax, and seeing this feedback started it off so well. Thank you all again.


Also, to everyone who keeps saying that Banshee wouldn’t know how to decrypt an engram. Check this (that’s right, a twofer Bungie Suggestion post! 😂) Cut Scene, end of Solstice, reset. Banshee, in his ship, lands somewhere on the outskirts of the EDZ. He slowly exits, bringing along the Galliard he’s been fine-tuning for years. Everything starts to make sense! The community gets excited! Oh Em Gee, Banshee is going to hunt down Uldren! That gun he’s been working on for years, finally—FINALLY reveals its purpose! He finds a tree to hide behind, in the tall grass, as night sets in. Camera pans on his face, we see a distorted reflection of a ghost and a faint light off his exo helmet. This is it! Banshee emerges from his hiding spot, moving as gracefully as scorn in their smoke. A noise begins to get louder…and louder….and louder…but it is not Uldren we hear…is that—are those guardians? Are they playing soccer?! That’s gotta be—THATS GOTTA BE THE FARM! That’s gotta be the farm! Banshee’s assault is in full swing, like Kane ripping off the door to Hell in a Cell, Banshee swoops in and steals Tyra Karn’s decoder snd makes a run for it! Banshee readies his year one Galliard as it looks like guardians with weird words and low numbers over their heads are gonna stop him, but they are running oddly, stopping, jumping up and down, dancing and squatting repeatedly. Banshee disappears into the tall grass again, as a Lambda Shelled ghost looks puzzled. In the far, far distance, Banshee’s ship takes off and into the galaxy he rides.

Boom. Banshee can decrypt Primes now.

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