Destiny 2

We should get a season of the Vanguard and it could be amazing.

destiny2 2 - We should get a season of the Vanguard and it could be amazing.

With this current season sonsisting of running core playlists to be able to do the actual event but it charges slower than shit. Why don't we all suggest bungie take a season and fix one of those core playlists most people seem to play, the strike playlist.

They could:

-Add 1 to 3 new strikes to the playlist and overhaul strikes completly by changing up enemy placement and amounts (more enemies sounds fun as hell to me).

-Add strike specific loot, the community has wanted this since launch please bungie please just add something. A gun, a armor piece, please just anything.

-Add more incentives to mindlessly run the strike playlist over and over again. Correct me if im wrong but didn't d1 have a feature where the longer you stayed in the playlist the better your rewards you would get? Maybe also add more things for the Gunsmith, Zavala, Rahool, Hawthorne, etc. to give us.

-For example maybe hawthorne has a weekly quest you can pick up from her that rewards you with a clan xp boost and some legendary gear (kinda like her raid bounty) but it requires you to do strikes/nightfalls with clanmates and complete certain objectives as a fireteam.

-Gunsmith can have a weekly set of weapons with random rolls and you can earn 1 of them per week for completing his weekly quest involving you killing things with certain guns. These guns would rotate out per week and add new guns with new rolls. Maybe add a unique perk combo on some of the weapons to give extra incentive for players to pay attention to what weapons he has.


-Rahool could offer us a umbral like engram for whatever bungie decides but the contents of the engram can be weapons that drop in the normal loot pool however this way players can more easily farm the god rolls considering the loot pool of the engram would be smaller than the world pool.

-And Zavala, good old Zavala, the strike man himself. Please make him do more, maybe have him offer a weekly Nightfall challenge of sorts for players who need harder endgame content like master and grandmaster nightfalls. This could be done by making players complete nightfalls with new sets of buffs and debuffs that only appear in his weekly challenge. Add wipe mechanics or point deductions for not paying attention, maybe killing Majors or Champions causes a prison of elder style bomb to be spawned that if not dismantled will either Wipe your team in the extreme case or take away a huge chunk of points.

Thank you all for listening to my Ted Talk. Im not a game dev and maybe some of these requests are too much for one season but i really feel like the strike and nightfall playlists need more incentive and more content in general if we want to move forward. Strike specific loot and more endgame content within these playlists would help out immensly. Please let me know what you guys think about my ideas and how flawwed they are or any other suggestions you think would help.

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