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What does Rasputin say in D1?

destiny2 10 - What does Rasputin say in D1?

So, in Destiny 1 you could find these kind of beacons when patrolling the Cosmodrome. Sometimes they blast dope ballet music and sometimes you hear a male voice speaking in Russian. The way these phrases sound I assume they are recorded a long time, maybe centuries ago. As there were no subtitles, here are the tranlations of each one:

"Security protocol 8-6-3 engaged. Hostile objects detected."

Sounds like a Warmind just doing it's bussiness. Could mean anything.

"Events to come cast their shadow in advance, while events of the past leave behind pictures of themselves."

Something related to predictions? I can imagine Rasputin doing kind of forecast on future events.

"No one to blame. It was not their fault, nor it was ours. It is a burden of being born as the entire world is dying."

I think Rasputin talking of himself here. He was born in the Golden Age, with no choice but to watch human race fall in the Collapse. A burden indeed.

"An entire natural order indicates of a progressive movement towards the highest form of life."

A few extra words before this line are heard during one of the story missions, but I couldn't make them out because Ghost talked at the same time. Whatever, i have no idea what is he talking about. Maybe predicting Guardians?


"There is no immortal soul as well as there is no virtue. Therefore everything is permitted."

Seems to me like an exuse to shoot the Traveler down so he can't escape the Solar system when the Darkness showed up.

"Count this. Calculate the probability of that."

Predictions again.

"They are nothing but a meat grasped by a seashell."

I wonder if he meant humanity.

Well that's everything I heard from Cosmodrome. There are also russian phrases in SABER strike but they aren't too fascinating. Just regular alert speaker commands like "Warsat launched" moments before Warsat landing in the beginning. Even the voice is diferent. Well, if you wondered, the line that made our Ghost afraid Rasputin wants to nuke us after we throw a grenade in the hole is "System hacked, planning countermeasures".

I posted this text about 3 years ago on bungie net and improved a few detailes this time. My translations aren't perfect and may be wrong, but I hope you find them interesting enough. Thank you!

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