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What does the community have to say about controller aim settings? (long)

destiny2 8 - What does the community have to say about controller aim settings? (long)

These are a few of the remarks Destiny console players made on the topic of controller aim settings, over just this past month. In sum, there are many thousands of posts and comments made on this topic, spanning as far back as I was able to search. My search term was "sensitivity." The interest in this topic is diverse, consistent, and strong over a long period of time.

I had fun reading all the comments and seeing all the creative and funny usernames Destiny players have come up with.

Bungie, please add more controller options, thank you. I found that these were the most commonly discussed areas of controller aim settings.

  • ADS Look Sensitivity Modifier
  • Look Sensitivity higher than 10
  • Aim Smoothing toggle on/off or slider
  • Stick Dead Zone settings
  • Make Traction into a toggleable setting
  • Separate Horizontal/Vertical Sensitivity

Below you will see reddit usernames followed by the remark made by that Destiny player.

U DONT KNOW MY LIFE - What does the community have to say about controller aim settings? (long)


Now that we have 60fps and a higher frame of view, please give us sensitivity options higher than 10. Coming over from any other FPS feels like moving through molasses when turning, even at 10 sensitivity.

Grown from seed - What does the community have to say about controller aim settings? (long)


It’s obscene to me that hunters can jump faster then you can move your reticle. Gives them a huge advantage.


2021 and controllers are still REQUIRED to use the traction mod, even when they removed any actual bonuses to having it on.

There's a lot of things Bungie seems to neglect when it comes to controllers


I was literally having this problem yesterday and it boggles my mind. Thanks for bringing it up.


It's embarrassing how bad the controller support for this game is.


I agree. I run 10 sens and it’s too needs to be raised to 20 on next gen especially with the higher fov.


I moved to a Series X recently. I finally got an upgrade for my time playing Destiny! I got… a better frame rate and a standard FOV slider. That’s it. Those should be standard, but we still need more accessibility or tuning options as well.


DUDE! Preach. I have to play on 4 myself because of ADS. But If i could have everything else on 10+ It would be nice. Being able to map Vertical Sensitivity as well would be nice.


I can't believe there are still no decimals allowed for the PC mouse settings.


I, and many others, would just like a separate slider for when we're ads. I would love to be able to turn around at a 9 or 10 speed, but be able to control a sniper at a 4 or 5. Bit we can't have both, but pc can for some reason


I hope they do this before cross play comes or it’s just going to be a cluster


It's unfortunate my boots have one less mod slot because traction is mandatory.


And instead of fixing it by making it an option they put a bandaid on the traction mod by making it 0 capacity AND for some reason nerfing the hidden mobility on it that made it kind of worthwhile for consoles.

With that Bungie actually widened the gap between console and pc players…


It simultaneously acknowledged the problem, and didn’t fix it.

its doobs - What does the community have to say about controller aim settings? (long)


Wish I could get it to drop! Gah!




It is irritating how massive a difference traction makes, because it takes away mod slots. Its a 0 cost mod, except who cares because I dont need 10 across the other three.


Yo bungie, its been YEARS now and we still have no option for deadzone or fine tuning our aiming sensitivity. I personally always run games like call of duty with a super high camera sensitivity and a significantly lower aiming sensitivity. With destiny that is just not possible and I'd love if that was implemented.


We need to be able to have different ads and hipfire sensitivities as well as more sensitivities higher than 10


I’ve found that one of the hardest things to do is literally just shooting someone that jumps over my head because the sensitivity is so low. I play PC with a controller and man if a Hunter triple jumps over my head I lose sight of em for a good few seconds


Especially before they go cross play and open console up to pc world. Pc has so much more precision with mnk and incredibly movement speed. They can turn a 180 in a flick of the wrist. Meanwhile, console players have to put a mod on their legs just to not move and turn like a slug.


As someone who got gifted a friend's old xbox because she wanted me to play with her before destiny 2 finally goes cross platform…oh my god, this is so wrong. Even with aim assist, my accuracy goes into the toilet with a controller versus mouse and keyboard. Plus I feel like SMGs and snipers are basically unusable with controller. Not being able to snap my head on command and feeling like I'm moving through molasses… Iss not great


I’d love some auto sprint option. I have a bad hand and clicking the stick to sprint is painful after a bit. Makes me keep my destiny sessions usually short these days. And a sensitivity above 10 would be a blessing for my friend he’s been asking if that’s ever coming for years.


Chaos reach feels like a joke on console now that I’ve played on pc. You can practically outrun it.

Zoonderr - What does the community have to say about controller aim settings? (long)


I have a friend who refused to play this game with me because there isn't enough sensitivity options.


I've had this complaint for years now 😂


Man I would absolutely love this. I just switched to PC and I absolutely love the mobility. However since I've been playing console for 20 years, I miss the feeling of controllers. The main downside of the controller experience is the trash sensitivity cap. I keep telling my friends that if bungie ever boosts that 10 sensitivity cap (that feels like 5 in other FPS games, let's be honest) to 20 or so, I would use my controller over everything tbh


Increase the max sensitivity from 10 to say 15 and I’d take that over a whole season tbh


It's both. The games deadzones are set to a massive 24 and the aim acceleration makes it really slow even on high sensitivity. But we do need an ads sensitivity setting as well this isn't 2007 anymore and Bungie needs to get with the program

SmashMundo - What does the community have to say about controller aim settings? (long)


I personally think console feels horrible.


Every time I want to snipe it need to lower my ads to 8 or less but since I mostly play at 10 l I forget to switch and it messes up my shots


Using chaos reach on a controller is just sad 😥

renzollo - What does the community have to say about controller aim settings? (long)


It's bizarre that there's now an fov slider and 60-120hz but still no separate ads sensitivity.

I wholeheartedly agree with this. I shelved Destiny for almost 2 years and when i came back i was stunned to see that there was still only one freaking settings for Aim sensitivity.

I mean, at the very least have a freaking ADS modifier….


Deadzones and options for sensitivity curves are needed also. Especially with cross play on the way. Giving controller players more options helps bridge the gap between controller and m & kb



Traction functions as a sensitivity boost and its 0 cost


Dude seriously. I like low ADS speed but my character turns like a wide load truck.


You definitely have to run traction which blows. Game does feel much better at 105fov though.


I too am tired of turning around like a senior citizen with a bad hip. This game is just notoriously slow when it comes to movement on console and controllers in general


Traction is just a controller tax. Change my mind.

Splatman543 - What does the community have to say about controller aim settings? (long)


I played Rainbow Six Siege for 3 years straight on a pretty high sensitivity. I got used to flicking to people and making aggressive plays because I had faith in myself that I could turn to the enemy. When I made the switch to Destiny, if I was aiming to the right and the guy was on the left, it was ‘gg’, ‘well played.’ All I want is a faster sens


After playing other games that allow me to reduce my dead zone, Destiny's dead zone feels so noticeable.


Remove all the unnecessary recoil added to controllers while you’re at it. Makes no sense that even on PC, using a controller literally changes how guns function.

I would totally support a complete overhaul of the aim settings, it’s way overdue. I would so happily trade a season’s worth of content for an improvement to the way the game feels to play.


Could play on pc? Pcmr lol. Yeah the turn speed blows tho, part of why I refuse to ever go back to a controller. Once you get a taste of how responsive a mouse feels it’s hard to go back to turning slower then the transport truck at a tight intersection does


There’s no settings for ads sensitivity, aim assist, dead zones, or how the sensitivity ramps up


They need this bad. I have a few friends that would play Destiny, but having to adjust to the ads from COD and other FPS is to much of a pain.


Thing is that the aiming settings are more so exclusive to KBM than PC in general

I like playing with controller on PC and I literally can't adjust those settings either, even though they're right there on the other possible input system


YES!!! This also applies to PC (I play D2 on controller on PC).

I have tested this:

Max controller sensitivity on Destiny2 (10) is 30% slower than Black ops CW and 40% slower than Warframe.

Also Warframe and Black ops have way more controller settings.

This is my main reason I never bought the game and always play f2p for 2 weeks and than its just annoying.

I think D2 can steal allot of players from Warframe if they increase controller settings. The one big attraction from Warframe is how responsive and fast movement is.


As an Xbox player, I have never had as much fun playing destiny as I have in the past week. The next-gen enhancements were absolutely phenomenal and kudos to Bungie for delivering us console users what feels like “a brand new game”.

However, the increased FOV has brought up some more concerns for me with current sensitivity options we have on controllers. I won’t even get into the discussion on whether traction should be a base game setting, because I’ve given up hope on that being changed. With the amount of aiming customization on games like Apex Legends it’s kind of a bummer that we’re locked into just a 1-10 slider.

The primary point of this post is that even on 10 sensitivity with traction, I feel like I’m turning incredibly slow. I would love some higher sensitivity options, and even the ability to adjust vertical and horizontal sensitivity separately would be amazing. I’m sure this has been brought up before, but with how amazing the game feels on the new consoles I can’t help but feel like it could be even better.

TL;DR: Next-gen console destiny on 105 FOV feels amazing, but I feel slow. Lemme break my neck at light-speed pls


Have you ever activated Chaos Reach or Blade Barrage and just couldn't get it to change directions fast enough? What's the matter, 3.5 seconds on max settings to turn 180° isn't quick enough?

How about high end PvP on Console and get into CQC and go to shotgun the player that flew past you, but you're max settings were just too slow and you died? Or simply trying to trace your primary across a fast moving enemy and just can't because it's too slow?

Or how about just simple shooting one enemy and turning to shoot another then back again, but because half that time was spent moving your aim, you died yet again?

Or how about slide-aiming? Max settings hardly gives me enough to no time to slide, turn, and get a good shot out; or slide to dodge away like M&K, this I know well because I do it a lot.


Many people switch game to game. For example cod to destiny. The difference in sensitivity makes destiny feel very slow. With next gen I feel it is the perfect time to increase sensitivity. It feels very slow even with traction mods and 10 sensitivity. Also this would help in cross gen if it were to be pc -console. Also it would help in raids especially Atraks having to scan everywhere. But overall just adding this quality of life feature and allowing us to have above 10 sensitivity would feel amazing. Please consider it bungie.

mattb1415 - What does the community have to say about controller aim settings? (long)


A lot of people have been asking for these features for so long. Currently traction is a must have as it kinda mitigates aim acceleration. No ads sensitivity also means you really need to play on lower sensitivities if you want to be able effectively aim. I used to play on ten and got pretty decent but hand cannons were such a pain to use unless they had high AA so I brought it down to eight and it feels much better while adsing. But that’s the thing, it feels worse out of ADS, since my turn speed is now a decent bit slower than it was on ten sensitivity. I’m kinda stuck in limbo right now until these changes happen.


After ramping up the FOV to max and playing around with the new settings on PS5 I soon realised that the speed at which your camera turns isn’t fast enough anymore on console.

Please can we get an increase?



Not just this, being able to change vertical and horizontal sensitivity independently would be a god send, I hate having a nice speedy horizontal sensitivity and then go to look up, especially in crucible, and feel like something is trying to push my head back down.


Hey Bungie,

Now that the next-gen versions of the game are out, I feel that there should be more sensitivity increments beyond 10. It’s something that I just noticed playing on PS5, and it is not enough especially playing with a higher field of view like at 105, it feels slow. It could use some more options.

Anybody else agree?

p.s. Hawkmoon is sick as hell…


And this post is now another example.

It's a shame how common it is, and Destiny is the only community I see so regularly against it. The most common comments I see against it in posts are along the lines, "I don't see a problem/controls feel great". When it comes to requested aim assist options, you get the, "it's impossible to play without it" or, "you'd never use it".

Extra options at worst are a neutral addition and at best drastically improve the experience. It's even more backwards when Bungie's supposed to be known for their controller aiming, but their controls stagnated a decade ago.


Having one single setting dictate your aiming and looking sensitivity is outdated and has been needing a change for a long time. Every other FPS has MULTIPLE ways to fine tune your sensitivity to your liking. Horizontal stick sensitivity, vertical stick sensitivity, seperate ADS Sensitivity from look sensitivity, stick deadzones, and Destiny just has… "sensitivity". This would've been great for 2013 but I feel like its time it was brought up with the rest of the FPS games.


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