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“What is happening?” | Season of Arrivals | Weeks Three-Five Lore Recap

destiny2 1 - "What is happening?" | Season of Arrivals | Weeks Three-Five Lore Recap

FAQ // TL;DR (Not Really)

What is Rasputin's Condition and Ana's Plan?

  • Rasputin has obtained equilibrium somewhat: fragments of Rasputin have been secured
  • Ana wants to put Rasputin into something>! (Duress and Egress mentions it, but I will not mention it here)!<

What's the importance of the next three messages: WHITE, CUSP, and GIFT?

  • WHITE = reference to the Traveler's 'death' and our opportunity to harness the Darkness
  • CUSP = Pyramids want us to betray the Traveler and a Second Collapse is imminent
  • GIFT = The Darkness corrupts the Tree of Silver Wings and offers a path towards salvation

What grew from the Tree of Silver Wings? What did we do with it?

  • The Pyramid on Io offers a Silver Branch of Ruin
  • We learn how to control and weaponize this "Gift"
    • Absorb Dark energies from Savathûn's rituals and marionettes to empower the branch
    • Stabilize it with Calcified Light
    • Feed it with Void Energy – an energy associated with Darkness

The Prophecy of the Nine: is there more to it?

  • The Nine understand that Light (Suffering) and Dark (Death) are two sides of the same coin
  • The Nine are foreshadowing Eramis during Beyond Light

What are the other major takeaways currently known from Prophecy?

  • The Nine recognize Savathûn's agency
  • Calus has not responded to the Pyramid Fleet
  • Orin broke free from the Nine's grasp for a moment

Speculation: Can the Emissary escape the Nine?

  • She has tried to in the past and couldn't because their "pull is too strong"
  • Maybe: Orin forced a respite from the Nine for a moment to speak privately to the Guardian

Speculation: Will there be another Speaker?

  • While the Last Speaker was still alive, the Traveler sensed another 'star' (person) it could speak to
  • A child has been/is still being observed that may have a possible connection to the Traveler

What is the Long-Awaited Reunion?

  • Sometime during or after Beyond Light (Season 12), Elsie Bray and Ana Bray may cross paths on Europa at the Deep Stone Crypt

Recap Index: Spoilers Within

Hello once again everyone. I waited a few weeks to bring you this because there really wasn't a whole lot of concrete info to share outside of speculation and ongoing theories. Here's what we've got:

  • Ana's Plan and Rasputin's Condition
  • Interference Messages: White, Cusp, and Gift
  • The Growth of a Silver Branch
  • Another Weapon of Ruin and Malice
  • The Nine's Realization on the Light and Dark
  • More Information from Prophecy
  • Speculation: Can the Emissary escape from the Nine?
  • Speculation: Will there be another Speaker?
  • Speculation The Long-Awaited Reunion

Disclaimer: You can find speculation sections towards the bottom and only a few minor spoilers. At this time, dialogue from Prophecy should no longer be considered spoiler content since Prophecy has been out for 5 weeks now and the alternative dialogue can be farmed just like the loot, even though the Emissary Whisperer triumph is still bugged.

If you want to see how this season has been developing and what some of the more popular speculation has been, check out my Week 1 and Week 2 Lore Recaps. Without further ado, let's get into it.

Some Hints on Ana's Plan for Rasputin's Condition

season of arrivals opening cinematic?highlight=season+of+arrivals - "What is happening?" | Season of Arrivals | Weeks Three-Five Lore Recap

After the Warmind was neutralized by the Pyramid on Io, Ana became frayed: strained. While Warsats were plummeting towards Mars' surface, Jinju contained fragments of Rasputin in a Pillory Engram filled with Light.

"Look at this," she says, indicating a jumble of sine waves in front of her. "Harmonic oscillations. What if, before the Darkness did… whatever it did to him, Rasputin initiated an emergency upload and—"

In terms of physics and mechanics, harmonic oscillation pertains to wave functions, or waveforms, in regards to the state of equilibrium and force. Rasputin fought the Darkness during the Collapse, so this time he came prepared and expected the worst.

"Big Red was too clever for it," she says. "I've detected a part of his signal cycling through the buffer. Problem is, I don't know how to get it out. Not much can safely hold a Warmind."

One major clue about Rasputin's future is mentioned during the Prophecy Dungeon.

Eris Morn: Ana's working on bringing the Warmind back online. Have faith.

Drifter: Yeah, well, the old man went down like a sack full'a Ghosts. Maybe Ana can find a sturdier case to put him in. Like a… vendor machine or something.

Eris Morn: The two of you think alike. Her plan might surprise you.

This section is free of speculation and spoilers, and I plan to keep it this way since I've already mentioned speculation and potential spoilers about Rasputin's condition back during Week 1.

Eris's Third, Fourth, & Fifth Deciphered Messages

The third message Eris deciphers is called
"WHITE" and Eris unveils a message that the Guardian (VIP #2014) also heard when the Darkness first hijacked our Ghost:
beyond?highlight=in+light+there+is+only+death - "What is happening?" | Season of Arrivals | Weeks Three-Five Lore Recap"In Light, there is only death."

Additionally, Eris says when first interpretation the message:

This construction is "white." Not like the color, but the absence of color. An indistinct void, overexposed sameness of a thing long dead. The white of bleached bone; of the Traveler.

Eris proposes that the Darkness came back to this system for us, the Guardians – the Traveler's legacy – and that we have an opportunity to harness the Darkness's offered power.

The fourth message Eris deciphers is called
"CUSP" and interprets the Darkness's message as betrayal – that in order to gain salvation, we have to turn on the Traveler.

7CCFp UtowE?t=150 - "What is happening?" | Season of Arrivals | Weeks Three-Five Lore Recap

This word denotes the moment before a change – the "cusp," the brink – but it is a repetition of something that has already happened. A mistake from which no knowledge was gained. The Collapse, perhaps? Troubling…

The Pyramid is telling us that a Second Collapse is imminent and unavoidable – another paracausal clash – and it offers a path to salvation.

The fifth message Eris deciphers is called "GIFT" – the silver branch – and while this strikes fear in Eris, it also draws her closer. This gift will be the path – our growth – towards salvation.

Eris Morn: Interesting. This phrasing is directed at an equal. The message here is "gift." Something offered… in an outstretched hand.

Eris chooses to show her research to Zavala.

Zavala: The messages you've decrypted have proven invaluable. Now we know how our enemy thinks. Tell me: What if the Pyramids intend to exploit our curiosity?

Eris Morn: We wield their gift against them.

Zavala: And if it proved unwieldy?

Eris Morn: Then it will be surrendered to the Vanguard for containment.

Eris guides us to stabilizing and harnessing the power of this gift.

The Growth of a Silver Branch

Drifter discovers something
abnormal with the Prismatic Recaster's internal gravity and notices that its Dark energy is linked with Io:
gift - "What is happening?" | Season of Arrivals | Weeks Three-Five Lore Recapthe Guardian 'opens the way' to this link while contesting Savathûn's forces at the Cradle.
Additionally, during Interference (Week 5), the Darkness offers a gift to the Guardian: a branch from the
Pyramid-influenced Tree of Silver Wings.

With multiple Pyramids now encroaching Mars, Mercury, and Titan, Savathûn's forces are chasing the Pyramids. While visiting these Pyramids, the Guardian discovers fragments of Calcified Light – secured, hardened Light that cannot be changed. Also, the Calcified Light we find on our worlds is the inverse of Calcified Fragments from the Dreadnaught:
classified 45?highlight=calcified+fragment - "What is happening?" | Season of Arrivals | Weeks Three-Five Lore Recap

a fragment that burns lightbearers to the touch containing Taken energy. Ultimately, the Guardian opposes Savathûn's Marionettes while allowing the branch to absorb their essence (Darkness) and stabilizes it with Calcified Light.

Eris wants to unleash and exploit this tempered power by feeding enemies consumed by Darkness to the branch through Void (gravity) energy. Through the re-purposing of Savathûn's twisted rituals, Eris contains the Pyramid's Gift into a engram: Eris calls its final shape
"a catalyst of change, and nothing it graces will ever remain the same."

Another Weapon of Ruin and Malice

Ruinous Effigy roughly translates to an 'image or representation of ruin and/or disaster'. This is displayed by its perk,
ruinous effigy - "What is happening?" | Season of Arrivals | Weeks Three-Five Lore Recap

Transmutation: this weapon collapses victims into Void Transmutation spheres. This is a direct representation of the Winnower's purpose: culling the weak.

Also, Eris mentions that
"Touch of Malice serves as a blueprint for this weapon" and there's a striking familiarity between the two other than their cores being engulfed in Darkness.

Ruinous Effigy:
kQ9zAkOLjxo?t=610 - "What is happening?" | Season of Arrivals | Weeks Three-Five Lore Recap

As you grip it, a cold emptiness stings your fingers briefly before subsiding, barely noticed.

Touch of Malice: “You have claimed the Essence! Light as pure as yours… how it must have burned you to touch it. I… shall not have that problem."

Additionally, Touch of Malice would devour a Guardian's Light, while empowering the weapon itself. Ruinous Effigy also feasts on the Guardian's Light.

Zavala puts a hand on Banshee's shoulder, smiles, and gestures to the weapon. "Equipment that uses the wielder's Light is not unprecedented."

"It doesn't use it; it eats it. Thing's got an appetite. Works almost like, uh… a converter."


Unlike Touch of Malice, Ruinous Effigy is a weapon of Darkness and not a Weapon of Sorrow because it doesn't feast specifically on the Hive.

A Realization of the Nine's Prophecy

Since the last time we talked about Prophecy before many had entered the Dungeon, chatter on r/raidsecrets and
r/DestinyLore were talking about how the Nine's Prophecy could be referring to the Pyramids' reshaping of our worlds. However, there's more to this.

This all started with our
><noscript><img src= - "What is happening?" | Season of Arrivals | Weeks Three-Five Lore Recap

: we asked

Drifter tells us that within "Nine Space" (IX Relams), the Nine control reality: they control what we get to see. The Emissary conveys that the Nine believe that nothing changes with Light and Dark – that death is intrinsic to their nature.

The Emissary shows Drifter two different worlds:

. Drifter comes to the conclusion that while the Light and Dark are different, they cause suffering and death – that their difference doesn't matter in the end.

Additionally, some people have pointed out that even though the
Kell Echo is a representation of Dark energy within the IX Realms, the Kell Echo may portray
destiny 2 beyond light eramis - "What is happening?" | Season of Arrivals | Weeks Three-Five Lore Recap
Eramis and
Ms90okhAbTw?t=84 - "What is happening?" | Season of Arrivals | Weeks Three-Five Lore Recapthis is all we get to see of Eramis in the trailer.
From Bungie's website for Beyond Light, Eramis is called the Kell of Darkness and some believe that Prophecy is foreshadowing events to come in Beyond Light.

More Information from Prophecy

Now that some of the information has been discovered in-game, let's pour threw it. During our adventure in the XI Realms, the Emissary reveals two things:

Also, there's some other major story beats we learn from Prophecy:

Additionally, there are some other details we learn from Prophecy, while others are still being discovered and recorded atm):

Speculation: Can the Emissary escape from the Nine?

Previously, the Emissary (Orin) mentions this.

The Emissary: We cannot escape. We have tried. We have tried. The pull is too strong.

Now, this may pertain to the Nine trying to escape their space and achieve matter, but this may also pertain to Orin attempting to escape the Nine's grasp. The Emissary admits that while she chose to walk this path, she regrets it.

Also, the Emissary mentions in the Reckoning that Xûr was a prototype for the Nine and that she was their next attempt at communication … and then she mentions a future potential change:

The Emissary: In time, they may grow tired of me. They may make another prototype.

Before you can speak with the Emissary in the Wasteland, you need to complete an encounter called "ESCAPE" which houses a black box hovering in the room. This may possibly be a representation of Orin's imprisonment with the Wasteland being a representation of her escape. However, this could also just be an example of the Nine's escape from their realm, which could end with the release of their Emissary's full will.

One of the messages you can receive from the Emissary in the Wasteland (Prophecy) is this part of a particularly interesting message:

This may be foreshadowing a future narrative/event that started during Season of the Drifter:
Aunor believes that Drifter can free Orin from the Nine. If Orin was able to severe her connection to the Nine, even if for a moment, it's a sign of hope that she can be freed from the Nine's grasp.

Speculation: Will there be another Speaker?

Ever since multiple theories about the potential restoration of the Traveler and/or the growth of a second Traveler, there have also been conversations about the possibly of there being a New Speaker and some have pointed to the Speaker's Mask being pieced back together being a subtle hint. However, there is much more substance to this theory.

Sometime during the Dark Age, the Traveler was drawn to a single member of Humanity – a bright and attentive star – and began giving them visions: they interpreted these visions as "dreams."

During the life of the Last Speaker (the Speaker the Guardian later meets), the Traveler mentions the emergence of 'another star blinking into existence' during the City Age. Some theories have pointed towards the lore entry's title being a clue – Growing – and that maybe the next Speaker was born in the City and is a child.

This is supported by Chill of Winter:

"It's a coincidence." But she knew it wasn't. The torso, deliberately shaded with what, coal? Blackened on the bottom, just like what was in the sky until a few months ago.

"We both know it's not. Not after what he drew last week. And now this. One dead Traveler. One alive Traveler. Another Traveler for a head."

"What's the other one?" Jazla gestured at the well-formed sphere a few feet away. Hollowed out. Overgrown with vegetation that their son had obviously placed there. Neatly. Deliberately.

"That one… is why I think we need to talk to Lakshmi about him."

Speculation: The Long-Awaited Reunion

Before Ana convinced Rasputin to let Guardians assist in reconnecting him to the Seraph Warsat Network, they were scouring the system for ways to assist the Last City and one of their loose threads was hunting down the Deep Stone Crypt. This explicit mention couldn't be ignored: it was a sign.

When Beyond Light was revealed, we learned that we would travel to Europa and discover the Deep Stone Crypt. Alongside this, we learned that Eris and Drifter were called to Europa by the Exo Stranger. While the evidence is strong and many discussions have been had, we may finally get a public confirmation of the Exo Stranger's identity.

thank you for taking the time to piece together this message, friend. the time of our final conflict is drawing closer and you and ana have an important role to play in the events to come. so watch over her, guardian. i would have no life without ana or the exoprogram. i regret that we have become strangers, but we each have a path that we must walk. and, ironically, there never seems to be enough time. tell her, rasputin's first attempt was in the right location, but the wrong moment. look here: 43.549573, -73.544868


Rasputin may not know who the Exo Stranger is, but he's confronted her before. If you'd like a detailed breakdown of all the lore pointing to who the Exo Stranger may be, I got you. And now this brings us to the reunion:(major speculation) the two Bray sisters could meet at the Deep Stone Crypt on Europa – the ideal place for Ana to take Rasputin's Fragments and the place where the Exo Stranger's timeline will converge to prevent a Second Collapse. Rasputin and the Guardian have always been a link between them.

A Final Note

There's more information to mention that is still being collected, analyzed, and poured through, so I'll leave you with some topics to speculate and analyze for yourself that's being passed around a bit or occurring in-game atm:

  • Contact: The Continued Narrative on Titan
    • Also, Lighthouses are seemingly being activated on Mercury in response to the Pyramid
  • Asher, Sloane, and Vance's first entries from 'Book: Duress and Egress'
  • Speculation – Rasputin's Investment: The Purpose of Kalki Golem

I will continue to do these narrative updates until the end of Season of Arrivals at the very least, but expect them every 2-3 weeks in order to me to properly research them and have a good work/ life/ reddit balance.

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