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What the community wants from Beyond Light (Poll Results)

destiny2 6 - What the community wants from Beyond Light (Poll Results)


So a couple days ago, I posted a poll cause I was bored, and I wanted to get insight as to what the community thought about Beyond Light and the events leading up to it. Here are the results from almost 50 responses. Not entirely representative of the whole community but still a good sample size:

(tl:dr at the bottom)

How do you feel the most recent season as been?

83% of the people said that the season was "pretty good" and there was not a single person that said it was bad. I personally missed out on this season so I can't comment on much, but from what i've seen the umbral engram system is really good and I quite like Runinous Effigy.

How do you feel about the Beyond Light gameplay we've seen?

Over 80% of people said that it was either amazing or pretty good. Shoutout to the one guy who thought it was dogshit.

What's the most important thing Bungie gets right in this next expansion?

This is where it's no longer multiple choice, so i'll share some answers that I like:

"A gameplay cycle that people like"

"Gun Perks"

"Loot (Hawkmoon better be good)"

"Make stasis balanced and bring the other classes back in line"

"Don't fuck up crucible with stasis please god".

What's something that you want changed from now to Year 4? Gameplay, weapons, PvP, etc.

Got a few really good answers here:

"I want a lot of the weird redundancy in the game removed. Streamline. Make shaders not consumable items, address blue items being pointless, etc. etc."

"Less restriction on what kind of weapons you have to use in end game content. The ability and option to freely pick your own loadout for any activity."

Have you preordered?

13 people said no, 8 people said not yet, and 23 people said yes. (Shoutout to the one guy with the digital deluxe preorder)

Why or why not?

Surprisingly, a lot of people said that they haven't preordered yet due to financial reasons. There were a few people that said they were waiting to see what happened, but a good majority were just waiting for income. The people who said yes said that they have faith in Bungie that Beyond Light will be good.

Do you believe any gamechanging system updates will come with Beyond Light?

I originally meant this question as SYSTEM updates but a lot of people talked about Stasis so whoops. That aside, this is probably the most mixed question. It's split about 50/50 on whether something gamechanging will come. (Stasis excluded)

Why or why not?

"Bungie is always actively working on system improvements and they've already mentioned a new system update to the way loot is earned, hence why prophecy will be unavailable next season and reintroduced later on"

"beyond light was pushed back coincidentally to when systems are planned to be released. i see some optimizations ahead on console"


How do you feel about the DCV? (Destiny Content Vault)

Very wide range of answers here.

"I think it’s a good idea to lower the game size and loading times. I’ll miss a few of the things being taken away, but I think it’s a mostly positive decision."

"Terrible idea. Make D3 before taking guns and half the game away."

"It’s fine as long as they are actually able to deliver on their promises of being able to update the game more easily/quickly"

I think that 3rd quote is one that i'll personally be paying attention to.

How do you feel about the story?

This question was meant as a prelude to what many believe to be a coherent storyline coming with the next three expansions.

"The idea that stasis isn’t exclusive to guardians is exciting, and I think the continuation of Eramis’s story post zero hour was a good idea."

"This seems to be one of the most, if not the most, important expansion in Destiny history story-wise. This is the darkness’s first attack, literally choosing a race of champions to do it’s bidding, just like us and the Traveler. We’re literally fighting the Darkness (space Satan). The story better be good, and it seems to be shaping up that way."

And then, the expected reply of:

"Who cares"

Are any of your favourite raids leaving into the DCV? If so, how do you feel? Do you have the associated exotic? (Tarrabah, Anarchy, etc.)

Community is split 50/50 on either Scourge or Crown, which are both fantastic raids. A good majority of the people that replied have the exotic but just really like the raid.

What platform are you playing on?

Unexpectedly, 55% of people are on PC. Followed by 22% for Xbox and 17% for PS4. Shoutout to the one guy on Stadia.

Thoughts on Hawkmoon?

"Why call it Hawkmoon if it doesn't work like Hawkmoon, leave it in the past if it doesn't fit the vision of weapon balance, it's not like we need more Exotic hand cannons"

"Leave it in the past. Either bring it back full power, or let it stay in Destiny 1. Same goes for all returning exotics."

tl;dr A lot of people have really high hopes for this new expansion. If not high hopes, than you can call it cautious optimism. People are looking forward to stasis, new lore, new destinations, and the DCV isn't as much of a blow to the community as I thought it would be. My only hope is that being able to fly around with stasis powers doesn't trick people into thinking the expansion is good. I hope people give it a chance to stand on its own merit, rather than "haha funny darkness go brrr"

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