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What We Know About Enemy Races and Stasis (Contains End of Season of Arrivals Spoilers)

destiny2 2 - What We Know About Enemy Races and Stasis (Contains End of Season of Arrivals Spoilers)

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I'll block the entirety of this post off in spoiler text as this will spoil the final dialogue and ending of this season. Last chance to back away now if you don't want to be spoiled. You've been warned.

It's no secret that next season we will be facing the Fallen House of Darkness lead by the former Fallen House of Devil's Baroness named Eramis with their newly acquired stasis abilities. We also know that we ourselves will be acquiring a form of these abilities, and stasis will be added as a new element to accompany arc, solar, and void. We don't know how the new element will interact with the new enemy type as of yet, but what we do know is that we will be seeing more than just the Fallen with stasis abilities. In some post show interview after the recent XBOX game's showcase Luke Smith went on to say other enemy races will be acquiring the powers of the darkness via stasis as well ( He did not make mention of which enemies will be acquiring this power, but I believe I have an idea of which enemies we will see wielding it.


A now banned player, JB3, has been uploading videos the past 6 months of out of bound areas he reached by using third party software in the game. One such area he got into this season showcases what is inside the Io pyramid (

) above the cradle. This is likely what the Darkness was trying to show us in the first mission of this season before Savathun interfered, and it's likely this will be the area in which we hear the last datamined dialogue of this season (

) from the Darkness them self. Putting this area and dialogue together, we see four factions looking up to the darkness: Guardians, Fallen, Cabal, and Hive. This is accompanied by the Darkness telling us that ancient power awaits us on Europa. While it's only speculative until Bungie confirms it, I personally believe we will see stasis wielding Cabal and Hive in the seasons following Beyond Light to accompany Guardians and Fallen as we already know from Luke Smith that more enemies will be wielding this power. My current best guess is the Cabal Loyalists belonging to Calus will acquire this power (as to why the Leviathan was removed), and Savathun's Hive will acquire this power. I'm not 100% certain on my prediction of Savathun's Hive as it seems that she is working in complete juxtaposition to the Darkness this season, but nothing is ever certain with her. Her brood acquiring stasis powers towards the later end of next year of Destiny's seasons would play into the Witch Queen expansion coming next fall though.

Either way, it seems that stasis wielding enemies will be phased into the game season by season with how we saw champions introduced per enemy factions with the round of seasons accompanying Shadowkeep. This doesn't line up exactly though as there is four seasons in Destiny per year and only three enemy factions heavily hinted to be acquiring stasis. I'd love to hear what you guys think too. Which sub-faction of the Cabal and Hive are most likely to wield stasis in the coming year?

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