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Where are the Fallen Houses now? A Recap Before Beyond Light

destiny2 7 - Where are the Fallen Houses now? A Recap Before Beyond Light

With Beyond Light mainly focusing on Eramis' efforts to unite all the Fallen that are left, I wondered exactly which houses could join Eramis. Are they joining for sheer desperation? Do they share her goals? Or, would they rather not join due to some major conflict of interest. Rejecting the very thing that gave you your Golden Age to worship its antithesis isn't very kosher, so I've heard.

So, I decided to look at where the Fallen stand now, as of July 24th. Note that this is subject to change, though I don't see anything major involving the Fallen until Beyond Light.

Some minor spoilers ahead involving the Rimed Ghost Shell, the Beyond Light preorder one.

House of Devils: Severely weakened and splintered after major losses to Guardian forces, the SIVA Crisis, and fighting the Red Legion. Sometime after all hell broke loose in the Prison of Elders, Eramis, one such escapee, rallied together Fallen loyalists from all houses to reform the House of Devils. After a failed attempt to reclaim SIVA in the Tower Vault (no, not yours) thanks to Mithrax and us, Eramis ditched the Devils banner in favor of her own banner, proclaiming herself the Kell of Darkness. As of Arrivals, the majority of the Devils have been absorbed by the House of Dusk out of desperation, but some small groups of Devils do remain. Many remaining Devils would come to be united under the House of Darkness.

House of Exile: Effectively no longer exists. An interesting note is that shortly before the Red War, the House cast out eight Dregs that would eventually come to be known as the Scorned Barons after banding together under Fikrul in the Tangled Shore, one of the Dregs also called the Fanatic. However, the Scorn seem to have not influenced the fall of the House of Exile. The ones responsible were the usual suspect: Guardians. Most, if not all Exiles reunited with the Fallen under the new House of Dusk in the Red War. All Fallen activity on the Moon vanished, and it would not be until Shadowkeep that Dusk, not Exile would return to the Moon. With all this in mind, it is almost certain that the House's banner has been snuffed out.

House of Winter: Largely unknown beyond basic information. Even before the Red War they were in a tight spot thanks to our assassination of Draksis, their Kell and meddling by Skolas during the Wolf Rebellion, (though Winter abandoned Skolas after his capture and death at our hands) and the loss of an Archon Priest and a Baroness thanks to Oryx's interference. By the Red War, most of Winter was absorbed by the House of Dusk, but significant remnants were still present. Our Guardian encountered Winter in the Reef right before Ghaul's invasion, and these remnants would choose to ally with Eramis under House Darkness.

House of Wolves: Doomed. After Skolas' failure to unite the Houses under the Wolf banner, Keldar, a Wolf Archon Priest, and Orbiks Prime, their rebuilt Prime Servitor, attempted to reunite the Wolves on Mars, carving out a good portion of land taken from the Cabal Blind Legion during the Taken War. Once again, our Guardian, led by Variks' intel, killed Keldar and destroyed Orbiks Prime, this time for good. However, it would not be until Reksis Vahn, the Scorn Hangman, destroyed all of the Servitors under the House of Wolves would the House truly be broken. All remaining Wolves assimilated into House Dusk. Any that did not reunite were killed, starved, or lated reunited under the House of Darkness. The banner is effectively dead.


House of Judgement: Variks persists. Variks, the Loyal is the only known member and likely the only Fallen to bear the Judgement sigil. With Reef losses from the Taken War only staggered by the Red Legion's arrival, Variks doubted his role in the Reef and began to slowly go mad without Petra or the Queen to guide him, and after dreams telling him that he had failed and that the Great Machine was no more than a "dark mirror". Variks would be responsible for the Prison Break in Forsaken and indirectly responsible for Cayde's death after he made his Warden reboot the security systems, causing all cells to open up. Before fleeing the Prison, Variks declared himself the Kell of Kells and invited anyone listening to bow before him. He has been spotted on Europa with Eramis, but his status among the House of Darkness is unknown.

House of Kings: Betrayed and Scorned. The Kings largely share the same story as the other Houses: Took losses to Guardians and Oryx, then eventually pulled out of their lairs to reform under the House of Dusk. What separates the Kings is their relationship with Uldren Sov. Before Forsaken, Uldren became a subordinate under the House of Kings by allowing himself to be captured to meet Craask, their Kell. Craask would later broadcast a message to all Fallen: Unite, or perish. Almost simultaneously, the Kings vanished from the Cosmodrome and the House of Dusk emerged, making Craask the most likely reason the House of Dusk exists besides desperation. Unfortunately for Craask, Uldren had met and befriended Fikrul, the First Scorn. Uldren swiftly assumes control of the House and reduces Craask, the last surviving Kell, to a Dreg. Craask survives, but the remaining Kings are wiped out by Uldren and Fikrul. They are then raised to life again by Fikrul, becoming the Scorn.

House of Dusk: Pretty much the only significant House left. As the amalgamation of all Fallen Houses, Dusk is the largest House in Fallen history and the only House to have a major presence after the Red War. Over the course of 2 years, however, the House would be weakened by Guardian incursions, battles with the Hive, Vex, Cabal, and Scorn, and splintering by groups such as the Kell's Scourge and the House of Light. By Shadowkeep, the House is extremely fractured and divided, but still a threat to the System as they retook most, if not all of their lost territory on the Moon. Interestingly, their leadership, if they even have any, is unknown. By Arrivals, the House is evacuating their presence on Titan en masse, fearing the Pyramid looming above the waves. With Eramis' rise to power, Dusk is fractured even further as thousands of Fallen join her banner. It is very likely Dusk will fall apart during Beyond Light, to be replaced by Eramis' or even Mithrax's banners.

House of Light: Rising to power. One of the newest Houses, it was formed by Mithrax, the Forsaken after being spared by a Guardian searching for a methane reactor on Titan. He pledged his banner as one allied with the Traveler and Humanity, becoming the first House to do so. The House of Light would be seen again during the Devils' attempt to reclaim SIVA, as Mithrax led an assault to delay the Devils while the Guardians reclaimed the Outbreak Perfected. The assault was a success, and Mithrax continued to build up the House of Light. By Worthy, the House was big enough to attract Saint-14's attention. Fingers crossed they play a key role in fighting the House of Darkness.

TL;DR: All of the Fallen Houses from D1 are a shadow of their former self, and most of them joined the House of Dusk. Dusk itself is on the verge of crumbling due to infighting and Guardian attacks. Mithrax's House is only growing in strength. The status of the House of Darkness is unknown, but is assumed to be on par with the old Houses. Hopefully Light and Dark fight it out in Beyond Light.

TL;TL;DR: they're all dead except mithras and eramis lmao

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