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Who is Xivu Arath? A breakdown.

destiny2 10 - Who is Xivu Arath? A breakdown.

So this is going to be a rather long winded post from a mustache wearing, bourbon drinking guardian who has only waited since 2015 for Xivu Arath to make herself known. We've seen glimpses of hints towards her here, and there, but nothing substantial to the degree of Savathun or Oryx (obviously Oryx wasn't hinted at as BOOM he was there).

Sit down and buckle up, It's time to learn about the god of fucking war.

let's dive into how Xivu Arath came to be, what she's been up to (that will be short because it's mostly fuck all speculation).

Xivu Arath, formerly known as Xi Ro, is the youngest sister of the trio of hive gods. Her sister's being Oryx (Aurash) and Savathun (Sathona).

Xi Ro first description is straight forward in Verse 1:2 of the Book of Sorrows

Xi Ro, the youngest and bravest, who wants to be a knight

It's worth noting that the Book of Sorrows is written from the perspective of Oryx, but that being said, it still gives us valuable insight. While this particular passage is allegedly from the words of Talos (their mother) Xi Ro is seen from the eyes of Aurash as the bravest of the sisters. Bold praise.


I am Xi Ro, youngest daughter of the dead king. I will take back my Osmium Court and kill the traitor Taox. On my left eye I swear this vengeance

I am interested in seeing if Xivu Arath is missing her left eye when we see her because that will lead to speculation on Taox. That being said… That's some hardcore shit right there, Xi Ro.


Xi Ro seethes with hate and fury for Taox

alright. starting to notice a bit of a theme here.

When I'm paralyzed by fear, Xi Ro sits in the cabin and comforts me with soft, brave words

This is an aspect of Xivu that I always find interesting. She is undeniably loyal and puts her love for her sisters first. Will she be able to love Savathun even if that becomes her downfall? We do not know. What we do know is Savathun is a deceitful little DOB and Xivu is pretty loyal, possibly to a fault. Maybe loyal enough to Oryx to find a way for him to escape what is assumed to be a permanent death?

(for the sake of this post, I'll bypass a few Xi Ro mentions in the Book of Sorrows that portray more to her blood lust of slaughtering followers of Taox to retake the throne)

Throughout Verses 1:6 and 1:7, we get reassurements of their natures. Xi Ro constantly trying to help her sisters, whether through distraction of what is going on or through them playing into their natures. Xi Ro asked Aurash about her navigation or Sathona about her mind.

We do get to an interesting mention in the Book of Sorrow's however: Xi Ro's Protest.

You are huge and old! Our lives are short and desperate. If that’s the way the world’s supposed to be, I won’t have it! If people like Taox are supposed to win, I won’t let them! I’ll beat the world until it changes! I’ll kill anything in the way!

Again, some reassurance of the aggressive nature of Xi Ro, but still some sense of right and wrong, and some moral compass inside of her to a degree. Justice is a word that continuously comes to mind when thinking of Xivu.

In Verse 2:2, we see Xi Ro accept the Knight morph and become Xivu Arath. She is reminded of her love for conquering by the worms. The worms convince her to overwhelm her opponents. Something that we later see becomes a staple of hers.

She is called "oh general ours".

In Verse 2:8, Xivu Arath is handed her first, and possibly her last, defeat. She has "circles danced around her" the Ammonite Admiral. However, she feeds upon the Leviathan's (not Calus's, but Leviathan from the Book of Sorrows' story) carcass and makes a temple of the admiral's corpse.


She killed a dude.

And made a temple of his corpse.

his fucking corpse.

Also, one thing that I don't think gets brought up enough is that in Verse 3:1 we find that Xivu Arath is the founder of the Ascendant realm, even though we are not certain she uses it.

but XIVU ARATH said, sister, I am already sharp, look, my sword cuts into another space. and she cut her way between moons through green fire and joyous screams

Pretty fucking metal there, Bungie.

In Verse 3:2, Xivu Arath claims she is strongest, with no protest from the other sisters, so that might be something to worry about. This was claimed as the sisters waged war upon each other to strengthen themselves, however Xivu found this to make her strongest.


However this slaughtering was brought about by love. Talk about family issues.

At the end of this Verse, however, is the most intriguing aspect of all of Xivu Arath's lore.

AURYX said, I shall establish a court, and whoever comes into this court may challenge me. My court will be the High War. It will be a killing ground and a school of the sword logic we have learned from our gods.

SAVATHÛN thought this was a great idea. She made a court called the High Coven. XIVU ARATH said, the world is my court, wherever there is war.

Oryx's makes a court. Savathun makes a court. Xivu Arath declares the world her court. Where war is drawn, her court shall exist, hmm. lot's of speculation can be made about this, but Xivu Arath decrees her court be the world, and so it is.

In verse 3:6 we come across Xivu's most loyal move. She sacrifices herself to Oryx to have him take her strength through sword logic to kill a worm god, Akka. This reveals much about Xivu Arath, as well as Savathun, as she attempts to betray Oryx in this moment. Oryx is smart and says fuck that and kills Savathun quickly.

Side note: Oryx is so bad ass

Soooooo Xivu Arath is dead. So now what? Well let me tell you just how fucking wild it is to rebirth a hive god. This man Oryx goes to war with the planet Ecumene and slaughters them for 100 years. He kills so many of them that from their blood. FROM THEIR FUCKING BLOOD. Rises Xivu Arath. FROM THE BLOOD OF HIS ENEMY, ROSE HIS SISTER. XIVU ARATH. I mean what an entrance.

So Xivu is back and shit and ready to kill.

Verse 4:4, AKA my favorite Oryx quote about Xivu Arath

Once, long ago, I killed Xivu Arath on her war moon, and she blew up the whole moon to kill with me her. She was laughing in joy. I laughed too. A whole moon! A whole moon. It was a waste of a moon, but it taught me how to save myself from exploding worlds, which was necessary to fight the Ecumene.

I love mighty Xivu more than a moon loves the tide. I’ll kill her for this. Over and over, forever and ever.

So looks like Xivu is going to Almighty anyone that tries to take her down. Noted.

What a lovely family relationship though.

Verse 4:5 is the first scripture written by Xivu Arath. It's a description of Oryx from her perspective but it tells you a lot.

She conspires with Savathun to kill Oryx, but not to help Savathun. More so to help Oryx. She wants to make Oryx stronger so she has more competition to War against. She believes she is stronger than him. That's scary.

She says Oryx loves me, and this love is war. God I fucking love this family.

Also in verse 4:11, we learn that Xivu Arath's weapon of choice is hammer. Can't touch that. But Oryx did and he stole it. interesting.

Verse 5:3 is again written by Xivu Arath and it brings forth some interesting notions. She mentions Savathun being distracted by acrana and the black hole. Mentions the Deep ruling all.


THE DRAGONS. Our gods should be ours alone. Their smug freedom is an insult to me. I’d shut them all in cells. Bring them to me!

Worm gods, Ahamkara? Which is she talking about and has she actually trapped any? That could be DEVASTATING.

In verse 5:4, Xivu announces she is leaving Oryx and must venture elsewhere to become stronger. This is the last CONFIRMED mention of Xivu Arath.

Some things of note:

There are mentions of War Moons being fought with against the Cabal. This is a signal of Xivu Arath as she is most connected with War Moons and mentions of Moons in the Book of Sorrow.

A lead general warring with Calus's daughter has the name of Umun'Arath. Bungie always does this shit on purpose. Perhaps a hive pawn of Xivu's?

I'm not sure of any other mentions of her lore, but I welcome them in the comments.

To be quite honest, my username is kentuckybourbon94 and you can only imagine that I am currently drinking bourbon right now. With my mustache. did i mention that?

All of this being said. Xivu Arath could potentially be the bad ass to end all bad asses. She's a loyal, massacaring, strategist with an unrelenting thirst for blood and war.

HOWEVER, she still hasnt done anything wrong and I love her. I am a Xivu apologist, after all.

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