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Why Warlock Mains Are Upset

destiny2 7 - Why Warlock Mains Are Upset

This was originally a comment made in another thread, which I was encouraged to turn into a post.

As a Warlock main there seems to be a mismatch between multiple characters players who do not main Warlock and actual Warlock mains who have this gripe and where is comes from.

Many Warlock exotics are only good in low end PVE, and not generally considered strong outside of them. So these are generally speaking just fun. When I say end game viable I mean: in the most difficult activities, are these seen? Below is a breakdown from my perspective and what I commonly see among other players opinions.

What I am trying to show here is two things: one, there are so many similar vein exotics for Warlock, and it's just become tiresome to get a new melee or super based exotic for Warlock; and two, there are lot of exotics that are great on patrol, and the previewed ones are already questionable as having any use for end game and competitive modes. I see a lot of hopeful conversation, but we have little evidence either of the new Warlock exotics will be any good mainly because Bungie has a history since D1 of being wary of allowing dots or burns to be strong.

  • Exotics that affect Super (end game viable?)
    • Skull of Dire Ahamkara
    • Crown of Tempests (PVP swap, useless on console)
    • Apotheosis Veil
    • Phoenix Protocol (PVE)
    • Stormdancer's Brace
    • Geomag Stabilizers (Gambit, I guess? There are better options)
    • Promethium Spur

  • Exotics that grant ability energy / grenade
    • Crown of Tempests
    • Nezerac's Sin
    • Eye of Another World
    • Verity's Brow
    • Sunbracers
    • Aeon Soul
    • Contraverse Hold (PVP, but Nova Warp is weak)
    • Getaway Artist (sort of reduces the viability of bottom tree stormcaller because you don't need it, and arc soul by itself is weak, not very useful in PVE or PVP end game)
    • Starfire Protocol (niche PVP)

  • Exotics that affect melee
    • Felwinter's Helm (PVE)
    • Karnstein Armlets (PVP)
    • Claws of Ahamkara
    • Winter's Guile

  • Exotics that affect weapons
    • Ophidian Aspect (PVP)
    • Transversive Steps (PVP)
    • Lunafaction Boots (PVE)

  • Exotics that affect class ability
    • The Stag (low key PVP)
    • Sanguine Alchemy
    • Vesper of Radius

  • Exotics with Unique Effects
    • Astrocyte Verse (Blink is generally still weak in PVP)
    • Wings of Sacred Dawn (The changes made to this exotic didn't move it up)
    • Chromatic Fire

Overall, Warlock exotics for use in PVP end game amount to the same two-three since season 2, and 3 for PVE, with only one newer contender in Felwinter, which I would argue is still undervalued. But that's a little light, don't you think?

Without knowing what the new exotics will really do, as a Warlock main, and Bungie's fear of strong dots and burns since Destiny 1, I'm not betting on either of the new exotics being viable for end game in either PVE or PVP. They nerfed Thorn in D1, they nerfed Viking Funeral in D1, they didn't include Viking Funeral in D2, and they do not allow multiple dot grenades or other types of effects to stack. Throw 2 solar grenades, it burns as if it's one, same with Vortex grenades. Only pulse grenades can stack because they aren't a dot, but note that Warlocks do not have the option to have two pulse grenades.

So, overall, I am extremely reluctant to get hyped over two exotics that claim a strong dot or burn effect will work well for anything outside of low end PVE content. I'm looking at the new exotics, and it seems like I will still be using the same things and at the same time contending with new exotics on other classes that will present challenges. The new Warlock exotics will not present moment to moment gameplay challenges in crucible, flat out.

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