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With less than 24 hours left to Season of the Chosen, here’s a recap of everything announced by Bungie leading up to S13

destiny2 3 - With less than 24 hours left to Season of the Chosen, here's a recap of everything announced by Bungie leading up to S13

Initially wrote this for my clan but would be a good reference point to post here.

1) Reissued DC/Moon Armor + 4 weapons from each location

• Dreaming City

a) Waking Vigil (140 HC)

b) Sleepless (Rocket)

c) Vouchsafe (200 Scout)

d) Retold Tale (Precision Frame Void Shotgun)

• Moon

a) Premonition (Pulse, Pit Drop Only)

b) Heretic (Rocket)

c) Blasphemer (Slug Shotgun, Kinetic)

d) Apostate (Rapid Fire Sniper)

2) Updates/Changes to Shattered Throne/Pit of Heresy

• Pit's final chest no longer drops a masterworked armor. Class item does not drop from this chest anymore.

• Instead, this final chest drops a 7 energy armor with guaranteed +16 stat spikes in two different categories and higher stats overall.

• All armor drops from Pit/Shattered Throne are 'high stat'

• All weapon drops from Pit/Shattered Throne can roll with perks outside of the world drop loot pool.

3) Expanded Legendary Lost Sector rotation to Moon Lost Sectors.

4) Crucible Tokens are dead. Progression from rank up rewards will be given at tower with Shaxx instead of automatically in between matches.

• For the first rank max-out of the season, the reward will be an ascendant shard. After resetting, this becomes an Exotic Engram.

5) All of Season of the Hunt Content will remain after the season ends except for the following items

• Fang of Xivu Arath Seasonal Artifact (duh)

• Season Pass for Season 12

• Crow's Bounties (can still acquire from Crow after the seasonal reset)

• Messages from the Field

6) Umbral Engrams and Prismatic Recaster will make a return. Almost exactly the same as Season of Arrivals (S11)'s system. Drop rates are reduced and new methods of focusing the engram will be released.

7) Gilded Titles will become accessible.

• These are titles which can be obtained after the initial title.

• These will have a different colour.

• To gild a title, you must complete objectives in addition to the base title.

• Gilding lasts for the season it is gilded in. After that it will be reset.

• A small pip will show others how many times you have gilded the title in the past.


• The following Titles will be available to be gilded once S13 drops.

a) Flawless (Trials)

b) Conquerer (GM Nightfalls)

c) Unbroken (Comp PvP)

d) Dredgen (Gambit)

8) Seasonal Challenges

• Weekly bounties are dead. Instead, the system to earn XP and bright dust per week will shift to a challenges system akin to Apex Legends' Season pass.

• Completing specific objectives will allow you to claim these challenges.

• Challenges will run from weeks 1-10. Challenges from prior weeks will remain available.

• The total amount of bright dust obtained will change slightly to approx. 34k.

• This amount will be easier to reach with one character than in previous seasons (approx. 25k on one character, 34k is for all 3).

9) Nightfall Weapons

• The following weapons have made a return.

a) The Swarm (Heavy Machine Gun)

b) Palindrome (Hand Cannon)

c) Shadow Price (Auto Rifle)

• Nightfall Adepts can drop from Grandmaster Nightfalls when they release later during the season.

10) New Pursuit Weapon

• Similar to Adored, can choose your path to acquire it, be it Strikes, Crucible or Gambit.

• This season's one will be a Mountaintop replacement. Breech loaded kinetic Special Grenade Launcher.

11) Trials is getting new armor and weapons as well as ship, sparrow, and ghost shell.

12) Aeon Cult buff.

13) Catalysts from a bunch of older weapons will return, including but not limited to

• Worldline Zero

• Legend of Acrius

• Telesto

and many more.

== New Content begins here==

14) Battlegrounds Seasonal Activity

15) New Strike (Proving Grounds)

16) Reprised Strikes (Devil's Lair and Fallen S.A.B.E.R.)

17) H.E.L.M.

18) New Stasis Aspects

19) Two new exotic weapons. One from season pass and one from quest

• Season Pass: Ticuu's Divination, Solar Bow.

• Quest: Unknown, Tex Mechanica. Speculation is currently Zen Meteor or First Curse. Could also be something new entirely.

20) New Seasonal Weapons and Armor

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