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With the merging of Gambit and Gambit Prime in Beyond Light, what changes, if any, can we expect to the game mode?

destiny2 9 - With the merging of Gambit and Gambit Prime in Beyond Light, what changes, if any, can we expect to the game mode?

I'm sure in the coming months, probably around the time of Beyond Light's original release date, we will start to hear more and more about the changes that are coming. One that stuck out to me in the Beyond Light reveal that wasn't expanded on further was the combining of Gambit modes. This was mentioned in this article back at the start of Season of Arrivals. The relevant bullet point reads:

Gambit and Gambit Prime are being merged into a single mode, with their original armor visuals available to earn from the Drifter.

As someone who likes Gambit a lot, but feels like it's in desperate need of love, it would be nice to get some information sooner rather than later for those of us still hunting their Reckoner titles. If any community managers happen to stumble upon this post, I would love to have some sort of deep dive into what changes are coming with Gambit as you all have done with other topics in the past prior to a new season.

Some questions I would love to see answered are:

  • Is the features of Gambit Prime, Gambit, or something else entirely taking precedent after the merger?
  • What will happen to those still looking to get their Reckoner title?
  • Will there be refinements to the roles in gambit (Reaper, Collector, Sentinel, and Invader), or is the idea being retired with the armor?
  • If the roles and their armor are staying, how will the sets bonuses be handled with armor sunsetting? If their bonuses are being switched to mods, as an example, it would probably be easier to wait to later to get your title.
  • Will Reckoning have any relevance going into next year? (Personally, I'm more than exhausted of this game mode)

While it's too late for changes or current feedback to be implemented, here's a wish list of things I hope to see coming in Beyond Light for the sake of balancing and making the game mode fresh again:

  • Invasions, while fun and exciting, dominate the flow of the game mode. Defeating blockers, collecting motes, depositing motes, and damaging the boss all revolve around when you are about to be invaded. I would love for the other roles to feel as impactful as the Invader does.
  • Continuing off the previous point, it would be nice to see more of an emphasis on clearing blockers and sending blockers. Perhaps further limiting the number of invasions during the mote collecting phase but making blockers all the more lethal or adding new types? This would give more relevance to Collectors to send them and Sentinels to kill them.
  • Currently, it's too easy to snowball the game by whichever team invades first. Maybe limiting invasions to during the damage phase while extending the length of the damage phase (boss health) would be a good option? This would remove snow balling in the early game and feeling like there's no chance to catch up while still preserving the impact of invading by healing the enemy prime.
  • Heavy should go to a system similar to Crucible. Allow the entire team to get it, but don't start spawning heavy ammo until at least one team has summoned their prime. Also, disallow the dropping of heavy ammo and use of armaments from the mode. Heavy has its place in Gambit, but it's far too abundant to be balanced right now.

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