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With the new aspects Titans can instant freeze using their melee ability just like warlocks, so why is the Titan freeze duration so much longer in PVP?

destiny2 1 - With the new aspects Titans can instant freeze using their melee ability just like warlocks, so why is the Titan freeze duration so much longer in PVP?

It's getting harder and harder to believe bungie doesn't hate Warlocks. Between all the direct and indirect Shadebinder nerfs this season (a subclass which was strong but not op in PVE, and greatly below the Titan and Hunter subclasses in PVP) why is there such a disparity in abilities?

The Warlock melee has slightly more range, but a travel time, making it easy to dodge, additionally with no way to shatter and the melee's undocumented damage nerf, its now impossible to do enough damage to kill someone with a primary outside of just meleeing them on warlock, defeating the purpose of it's only range advantage.

The Titan melee on the other hand is instant, gives full freeze duration, and makes crystals which they can shatter to do still insane AOE damage, AND also shatter to synergize for even more grenade energy (and melee energy if they run the other aspect). All of this is in addition to the Titans original melee ability that gives insane movement options/can one shot by throwing you into a wall or off the map.

This isn't even discussing the rest of the subclass imbalances, yet the changes we get this season are a single buff to the already super strong hunter melee, and multiple warlock nerfs to hammer it down even further below the other classes. What's the balance justification for these changes other than hurting Warlocks?

Edit: Since this has blown up a bit there are some things I want to clarify; I play all three classes equally and genuinely enjoy the power fantasy of each. I by no means am calling for a nerf to the new Titan aspect, I think it actually solves the biggest problem Stasis Titan has in pve (having a pretty lack luster melee that doesn't synergize with the rest of the kit). Now you can make crystals with the melee, which you can shatter for grenade energy, use for ad clear and it pairs very well with charged with light/heart of inmost light for ability spam.


The issue I'm trying to bring to light is the disparity with which things have been handled in terms of class balance. The way Warlock kit functions is such that it has no way to slow and relies entirely on freezing to get rolling, along with no way to shatter other than shooting frozen targets. Due to this Warlock cannot reliably benefit from Whisper of Shards for grenade regeneration and was dependent on Iceflare Bolts, which has now had its grenade regeneration ability removed. Then for PVP I'm not disagreeing that there are benefits and negatives to each melee ability, but the reason warlock melee was nerfed in the first place was because of how terrible it feels to get instant frozen for so long with no counter play, something Titans can now do yet with the original duration, an easier time shattering and all while having all the other additional benefits I listed above. On top of all this the new reduced damage to frozen targets unfairly hurts Warlocks the most due to not having any means of shattering outside of shooting.

Finally when it's time for balancing we get massive (mostly deserved, but as always too far) Warlock nerfs after just over a week and the only other nerf has been a slap on the wrist to Hunter shatterdrive after 2 months. All while nothing has been done to the Titan roaming super which is still active despite having been activated at the beginning of my post, and having damage resist that's even more ridiculous than the other roaming supers in the game. Now with the new season Hunters get another buff to their amazing melee ability thats basically a thrown sential shield in terms of tracking and Warlock gets a new slew of unneeded nerfs to the point that it now directly hurts the synergy of the subclass in all aspects of play. I just want all of the classes to have their new toys be fun, viable, and be as (relatively as stasis can be) balanced, yet time after time it feels like Warlocks hurt bungie when they were a kid and they will never let it go. VOG coming back must have brought back memories of all that pushing Aethon off the edge.

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