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Would be cool to craft our own gun one day the way Katabasis did with Dead Man’s Tale.

destiny2 10 - Would be cool to craft our own gun one day the way Katabasis did with Dead Man’s Tale.

I mean our guardian is essentially a sentient gun. Character customization is really just gun customization.

Our custom gun wouldn’t be exotic like DMT (unless Bungie could figure out a balanced perk). Just a legendary primary to call our own.

Pick your: – Foundry (cosmetic) – Weapon type – Weapon model (cosmetic) – Frame – Barrel/scope – Magazine

Perks, element, masterwork stat and even the name would also be customizable, but indirectly.

You’d get a quest from the foundry to collect a series of parts. Your sources and combinations of those parts at each step of the quest would determine the perks. The weapon used to acquire the parts would determine the resulting damage type and masterwork stat. The name would be a product of all combined (more later).

For example, Fallen and Cabal may both provide the parts you need, but how many you get from each race would determine the perks. Killing them predominantly with long range Arc guns would yield parts appropriate for an Arc energy weapon with a range masterwork.

This would make customization option discovery a community effort, similar to cookie baking during The Dawning. And even if the meta bubbled up the exact “best” weapon configurations that everyone would be going for, there would still be a layer of personal customization to each weapon that comes from the cosmetic choices (foundry, model, name). Someone else may have the same gun with the same perks, but yours might look completely different. I think that would be neat.

It’s like light saber building, but for guns! Who doesn’t want to make their own Solar 120RPM Hand Cannon?


To keep these crafted guns feeling special (instead of the latest pool to farm for endless quantities), there could be a limit to how many you can create. Maybe they require a “weapon core”, and you can only acquire one core from each foundry. After your weapon is crafted, if you’re unsatisfied with the result, you run the quest again for new parts and instead consume your old gun in the creation of the new one. This would also yield additional customization options.

When using an exiting weapon as the base, you would be able to see which aspects are going to be different in the new gun. Notably, not what the result will be (which is still hidden), just whether or not something is changing. You could then select one aspect of the base weapon to keep in the new one (perk, damage type, masterwork, name).

This system of weapon inheritance would be the only way to attain certain combinations. A Kinetic SMG with Triple Tap and Vorpal might be impossible unless you’re building off a base SMG with Vorpal, because the parts required for Triple Tap might otherwise be incompatible. Iterative weapons!


So where does this leave weapon naming? Is it just a lost cause, out leagued by perk prioritization? Not entirely. It’s true that at first everyone will be focused on building their weapons with functionality in mind, leaving the name to fall where it may. But naming is the true endgame here.


While you were building these weapons, you were leveling up your standing with each foundry. Rank ups reward reprised gear from each foundry (whoops I’ve created season of the foundries). But they also reward Blueprint slots. A blueprint lets you permanently stash a weapon configuration once you’ve made it. Love that Kinetic SMG with Triple T and Vorpal, but wanna keep trying out new weapons? Save it into a Blueprint.

Saving a Blueprint destroys the weapon and returns the core. But from then on, you can recreate that exact weapon at any time, using any parts. This means, you guessed it, it’s time to go nuts on the name. Source the parts in whatever manner gets you your desired name, then recreate the weapon from its Blueprint, and you’ve got yourself a fully customized weapon.

Gee, Blueprints kind of sound like a customizable Collections, huh? 😉


Now, I’ve been intentionally ambiguous on how exactly name customization would look, and that’s partially because I think this is the least likely aspect of this whole idea that Bungie would implement. But if they did do it, I think there would need to be some limitations.

Obviously, the names would have to come from a set pool of words to combine. Nothing custom (duh). Beyond that, I think these guns would need some sort of symbol prefix or suffix to identify them in PvP, because obviously kill feeds would be insanely confusing otherwise.

That aside, I think it would work much like perk customizations. There would be two name positions, the way you source parts would determine what appears in either position, and certain combinations would be impossible on first pass. Just like with perks, you may need to make a base gun with one name that you want then choose to keep that name position when building from that base gun for the second name (yes, you could still use a blueprint while consuming a base gun, which is nice if you ever want to tweak your god roll).

Now, once you have that perfect name, you’re probably not going to want to let go of it. Blueprints don’t save names. This is where more of the intended permanence of these crafted weapons comes in. You’re encouraged to play around to find what you like, but once you do, it’s decision time. Which gun will be your namesake?

You could of course still destroy it in favor of a new weapon at any time, but you’re going to lose the name and the kill tracker. Tough decision, but maybe a new season’s balance pass makes another weapon/perk combo better!


Okay this got way longer than I originally intended. But I got way deep into it and loved where it was headed.

Honestly though, this kind of idea could go a lot of different directions. What would you all like to see in a weapon crafting system?

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