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Wrath of the Machine could double as a Raid and Dungeon if it were Unvaulted

destiny2 4 - Wrath of the Machine could double as a Raid and Dungeon if it were Unvaulted


Wrath of the Machine becomes unvaulted some time in year 5. On the Cosmodrome map, there would be two activities to click: One large icon for Wrath of the Machine, and a smaller icon for Wrath of the Machine: Dungeon right next to it. Players can either run the Raid once or the Dungeon twice to get the same amount of pinnacle rewards. The Raid is identical to the original (though balanced for the new sandbox). The Dungeon is the same as the Raid, but with certain mechanics removed to make it soloable.

There are a few changes which are applied to every encounter:

  • There are less ads
  • Bosses have less health

Vosik, Part 1:

The first Vosik encounter would have only one Foundry Spinner in the middle. Players need to only charge it up 3 times, and the charge buff is given a longer timer before it kills the player. This is so a solo player can focus on killing a Voltage Eater without instantly dying. Damage phase is the same as the original.

Vosik, Part 2:

The SIVA charges do not need to be thrown in unison to achieve max damage, so a solo player can throw them one by one. The monitors and the safe room mechanic are untouched, which means that this dungeon will require communication.

The Death Zamboni:

There is no wipe mechanic for taking too long to place the parts in the zamboni. Players will not become exhausted for holding a part for too long and move slightly faster with it. Solo players will bring each part to the zamboni one by one, dropping it to deal with ads on the way.

Aksis, Part 1:

Servitors can not wipe the team, and instead wander around the arena until they are killed. The cannon holder can pick up a SIVA charge. The dungeon has two rounds of this encounter: one with 3 SIVA nodes, and one with 6. Solo player will kill captains, kill servitors, and throw charges in whichever order they please.


Aksis, Part 2:

Same changes as above apply. One player will be empowered (if you are solo, its always you). The empowered player only needs to dunk on Aksis to trigger the damage phase. Aksis does not teleport as quickly as normal, giving players more time to reach him during damage. The safe room mechanic is untouched.


The Dungeon will have the loot from the normal version of the original Raid. The Raid version will have both the normal loot and the Heroic loot. Since Outbreak Perfected already exists, two new exotics would be added.

  • Malware is a kinetic trace rifle that leaves a small trail of short lived SIVA mites wherever it lands. This exotic can drop at the end of the Raid and, like Anarchy or 1k Voices, odds will increase for every Raid completion.
  • The Wretched Gaze is the Dunegon exotic. Like Wishender and Xenophage, this is aquired through a quest that ends with a hidden boss in the Dungeon. The hidden boss is Kovik's Ogre from the old Wretched Eye strike, who has been abandoned and is roaming around in the wall. Players can find it with a hidden door in the Zamboni encounter. The Wretched Gaze is a void rocket launcher, a portable version of Kovik's Ogre gun. It fires automatic, but less damage dealing missiles.
  • Outbreak Perfected would become a rare drop from either activity, in the event that the Outbreak Mission is vaulted.

DestinyROI 12 - Wrath of the Machine could double as a Raid and Dungeon if it were Unvaulted


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