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Yeah, perk nerfs suck—but updating old perks is a step in the right direction. So, let’s improve more of them.

destiny2 8 - Yeah, perk nerfs suck—but updating old perks is a step in the right direction. So, let's improve more of them.

While it's never fun to see some of the perks we've come to love be nerfed, it was nice to see some unexpected buffs to perks that typically aren't top tier. The thing is, there are still A LOT of garbage perks out there. I'm glad Bungie is making these changes, but I've come up with some ideas to make more perks viable in endgame content and PvP. Let me know what you think and please post more ideas in the comments below. I'd love to read them.

Osmosis is actually a fun-to-use perk, but it just doesn't have much viability unless you use it in playlists that have elemental burns (and even then, I still never use it). In PvP it literally does nothing. Since Osmosis requires a grenade to activate, it would only make sense to give it some synergy with grenades. Demolitionist already gives you grenade energy, so instead, what if enemies damaged by your grenade take EXTRA damage from an Osmosis weapon. Even 30% and I don't think it'd be OP. It could be a short duration as well. Just a few seconds of debuff, and suddenly I think it's much more viable in PvE and PvP.

Disruption Break
Probably the most useful of the shield perks, this perk would be WAY better if it also gave you bonus weapon swap speed. Maybe it even reloads your kinetic weapon because that would make sense.

Pulse Monitor is basically a better version of this, no? Pulse Monitor might not trigger Kill Clip or MKC, but it's instant. Plus Pulse Monitor works while a weapon is stowed. Considering the perk is called Underdog, it should help you clutch out a fight you might have otherwise lost. If you have to reload, no amount of bonus speed is going to save you. Instead, it should give bonus damage (15%?) after being critically wounded, but drastically reduce reload for a time. So it will help you clutch one kill in a pinch, but hurt you for follow up kills. A big boost that comes at a cost.

Would this perk be OP if they extended the range of this perk by a meter or two? Feels like I have to be right next to enemies for this to trigger.

High Impact Reserves
I actually think this is a pretty interesting perk, but I think it should be combined with an old D1 perk: final round. So if you get a kill with the final shot of your magazine, you get massively increased reload speed. I like this because it would require careful management of your ammo to get the most of the perk.

I'm not a fan of perks that require you to miss, but if shots returned via Mulligan came with 10%? 15%? extra damage, I'd give it a try.

Shield Disorient
This is probably the worst of all the shield-specific perks and I think the fact that it REQUIRES energy-matched shield explosions is what kills it. It should activate on any shield break and then maybe I can use it? Even then, I'm not sure.

Zen Moment
This is just a quality of life thing, but can you show Zen Moment stacks on the screen so that players can know this is working? Similar to Rapid Hit?

Yes, another shield perk. None of them are very good in my opinion. With this one, I actually think the reload of your weapon on a shield break is great, but rather than generating ammo when you match shields, I think it should have a chance to drop heavy ammo when breaking a shield with a matching elemental type.


The bonus damage this perk gives is too low, and honestly, it should be doubled. But, because I don't think Bungie would ever do that, my second suggestion is to increase accuracy and range on a body shot. That way the rest of your burst is more likely to at least crit and proc the bonus damage.


As I was going through and thinking of ways to improve some lackluster perks, I also came up with some ideas for new perks, so I'm including them below. They're more PvP focused as that is what I enjoy the most (sorry). Again, let me know what you think and post your own ideas below 🙂

Burning Rounds
Rapid precision hits (maybe 3?) ignites a target and causes a small amount of burn damage. In PvE this could be good for preventing shield regen on some enemies, but I imagine it more as a PvP perk. It could be really low damage and it's still SUPER useful. Even 1 damage a tick for 6 – 7 ticks and I'd use it.

Lucky Shot
Precision kills load one high damage round into the magazine that doesn't go away on weapon stow. I'm thinking a 30% bonus to just one bullet, but even at 20% I'd be interested. 10% might be too low.

Head hunter
Damaging a full-health target grants a short period of increased accuracy and briefly highlights that target. This perk is about picking a target and staying on target—something that's sometimes hard in 6v6 Crucible playlists.

Gaining an Overshield briefly increases weapon handling, stability and accuracy. There are plenty of ways to get an Overshield, so this might be too strong. But it'd also be super fun with certain builds (OEM, Mid-tree Dawnblade, etc.)

Getting a kill with full health grants increased sprint speed and briefly removes you from radar. This would be a great perk on a shotgun I think. Super fun.

Take Aim
Aiming down sights for a short period of time without shooting increases weapon zoom. I'm imagining this as a combination of Rangefinder (but stronger) and Boxed Breathing. It would be really good on a lot of weapons because sometimes ALWAYS having the bonus zoom from Rangefinder is annoying, but other times it's incredible. This way, you'd get to have control over when it procs, but it comes at the cost of having to stay aimed down sights for a period of time.

Blinding Shot
Rapid precision hits (maybe 3?) create an explosion that briefly blinds nearby enemies. I'm thinking an explosion about half the size of a flashbang, but a similar blinding effect.

Anyway, those are just my ideas. While I'd love to see Bungie introduce more and more interesting perks into the game, I also think they should take some time to buff SOME of the less desirable perks to provide more synergy and player choice as opposed to what we currently have: damage and reload.

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