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You can Farm Hive & Menagerie Mods Infinitely in Crown of Sorrow w/out a weekly lockout

destiny2 9 - You can Farm Hive & Menagerie Mods Infinitely in Crown of Sorrow w/out a weekly lockout

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With bungie dropping raid loot lockout with Moment of Triumph they unrestricted farming exotic weapons like Anarchy and Tarrabah and while it is true that they said you cannot farm SECRET CHESTS within said raids (such as the sparrow CP chest for Fallen mods in Scourge or in a hypothetical case, Last wish's 2 secret chests for Taken mods)

You CAN however still Farm for Hive mods (Armaments, Barrier, Repurposing and Invigoration) as well as Menagerie mods from the Crown of Sorrow Raid for an unlimited amount of runs.

Hive & Menagerie mods being tied to not only Menagerie but also the Crown of Sorrow raid itself and them dropping during ENCOUNTERS rather than a secret chest, the mods will continue to drop every encounter for as many times as you feel like doing Crown of Sorrow or in my example specifically, Gahlran, the final boss of CoS.

So why do this instead of Menagerie? For a few reasons.

1) As mentioned above, you have NO CAP to how many times you can complete Crown as a raid or a single encounter such as farming Gahran.

2) Speaking of farming Gahlran, A lot of people out there are trying to get that No power in the verse emblem and their Raid Ring so plenty of people are looking to run Crown

3) Gahlran in specific can drop mods, gear and obviously Tarrabah, an exotic weapon that recently became farmable so you're looking at a 3-for-1 farm if you are doing final boss CPs


4) Some people only have one character, which means they can only "normally" get a few chances at X thing per week, With this farm and thanks to Moment of Triumphs you can farm on that one single character all day and night if you choose to.

5) Menagerie has a weekly lockout on farming mods as well as having Hive mods weighted more so towards heroic over normal and with Menag being an almost forgotten activity that's been replicated several times since, You'd find a lot less people willing to run Heroic menagerie than you would Crown of Sorrow this season.

In other words, Go get 5 friends and farm the hell out of Gahlran and farm away for your Hive mods / Levi armor and Tarrabah exotic drops for literally as many runs as you want on any character you want.

My condolences to any teams who choose to farm the first crown encounter instead of the rest of the raid.

EDIT – Just to clarify, I'm not saying you SHOULD NOT do menagerie, I'm just saying there this method is available if you are locked out for the week from Menag attempts.

EDIT #2 – You can in fact get all mods fro Menagerie for those that weren't aware. Nothing is exclusive to the raid, you just can keep farming the raid for the mods, that's the difference.

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