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You can get a 125% damage buff by stacking: Disruption Break (+50%), Weapons of Light (+35%), [x] Debuff (30%), Power of Rasputin (10%)

destiny2 10 - You can get a 125% damage buff by stacking: Disruption Break (+50%), Weapons of Light (+35%), [x] Debuff (30%), Power of Rasputin (10%)

Before we start, here is a great buff/debuff spreadsheet by
courtrooom - You can get a 125% damage buff by stacking: Disruption Break (+50%), Weapons of Light (+35%), [x] Debuff (30%), Power of Rasputin (10%)


Just a quick recap

Power of Rasputin+10% weapon damage to enemies near Warmind CellsVoid Affinity armor mod from Season of Worthy. Stacks with pretty much every other buff/debuff effect
High Energy Fire+20% weapon damageDoes not stack with Weapons of Light, Well of Radiance damage boost, Godslayer Warheads, or Lucent Blade. Also overrides Ace of Spades' "Memento Mori"
Sunspots+20% overall damage (weapon / ability / super)Titan's can give this buff to Hunters/Warlocks with the exotic Phoenix Cradle. This DOES stack with weapon damage buffs
Oppressive DarknessEnemy takes +30% more damageDoes NOT stack with Divinity*
Hunter TetherEnemy takes +30% more damageDoes NOT stack with Divinity*
Weapons of Light+35% weapon damageLumina (weapon) also has a 35% damage boost Hunters and Warlocks can give themselves
Disruption BreakEnemy takes +50% more Kinetic damageBastion, Izanagi's Burden, Witherhoard are all great for Disruption Break. Disruption Break, just like how Godslayer Warheads will buff each Deathbringer projectile individually, will buff each projectile in a fusion/shotgun individually

Edit 1:I Just remembered Sunspots + Weapon Damage buffs also stack. Sunspots buff ALL outgoing damage, Lumina/WoL for example only affects weapon Damage. The 125% overall buff can possibly go higher with a Sunspot

Damage tests using Izanagi's Burden

Izanagi Base DamageBuff/Debuff AppliedIncreased Damage
60,174Power of Rasputin (+10%)66,191
60,174High Energy Fire (+20%)72,208
60,174Oppressive / Tether debuff (+30%)78,226
60,174Disruption Break (+50%)90,261
60,174Power of Rasp + HEF + Oppressive + Disruption (+110%)126,365
60,174Weapons of Light / Lumina (+35%)81,234
60,174Power of Rasp + WoL + Oppressive + Disruption (+125%)135,391
60,174Power of Rasp + WoL + Oppressive (+75%)105,304
>>>Power of Rasp + WoL + Oppressive + Disruption + Sunspot (+145%) ???147,426 ???


  • Anti Barrier champions will proc Disruption Break and/or Genesis on weapons with Anti Barrier rounds. Genesis + Anti Barrier champion + Anti Barrier Energy Weapon is good for the Famine modifier, as you will keep regenerating ammo for that energy weapon
  • Shield Disorient does not proc on Anti Barrier champions, however
  • Despite Divinity and an Oppressive Darkness grenade do not stack, a Void Vortex grenade will tick for significantly more damage on an enemy affected by Divinity. The grenade will not get buffed by itself, but will still deal 30% more damage per damage tick on an enemy debuffed by Divinity
  • The most reliable way of getting Power of Rasputin mod to stay activated on a boss is as follows:
    • Mods needed minimum: Power of Rasputin (4 void energy) ; Grasp of the Warmind (3 void energy)
    • Supplemental mods: Warmind's Longevity (1 void energy), Global Reach (1 energy – any affinity)
    • Make a Warmind cell, pick up the warmind cell (Grasp of the Warmind allows this), throw your ball at the boss (preferably behind them so you don't accidentally destroy the cell as you need it for the damage boost, not the explosion)
    • Boss now takes increased damage as long as the cell stays active. Warmind's Longevity increases the duration before Warmind Cell's disappear
  • Disruption Break also applies in PVP while using Arbalest. Not only does the linear fusion allow for precision but even if you body shot a Guardian, they will take increased kinetic damage for the next 10s after being hit. There's even a tooltip showing that you are currently affected by Disruption Break

Warmind Cell infographic I made in Season of Worthy if anyone wants

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