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You can “roll” Exotic engrams (from lost sectors) into any Armor type you want without worrying about sector rotations.

destiny2 4 - You can "roll" Exotic engrams (from lost sectors) into any Armor type you want without worrying about sector rotations.

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EDIT – Just for clarification "Exotic Engrams" are actual exotics when they go to your postmaster. "Encrypted engram" is NOT an exotic but just an enhancement core in disguise, you can freely just delete this for 5 shards and keep your inventory full for more exotics

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Simply put, the system around exotics dropping is revolved around rotating days on what sector it is and what armor type it is and some days, the exotic you want to farm is in a "bad" lost sector that you don't like. With this strat you do not have to worry about that, you don't even have to wait for that armor piece to roll around in rotation for you to stock up on engrams.

How it works — For whatever reason, when you turn your lost sector drop into an exotic engram rather than a straight up drop, the game counts it as a MASTER exotic drop when it goes to the post master, with this in mind you can do the following

1) You need a full engram inventory (10)

2) You farm ANY of the daily legend/master lost sectors and have your exotic engram go to post master (NOTE – encrypted engrams don't count, those are just enhancement cores)

3) Once in the post master, Wait until the master lost sector rotates around to the armor piece you are seeking. For example, You farmed 10 exotic engrams from Veles Labirynth which was exotic boots for the master that day, but you wanted exotic Arms. Wait until the following day when ARMS become the master lost sector, that is when you turn in your engram from the post master and viola, it will turn into exotic arms instead of boots.


In case people are unaware, this is the rotation for lost sector planets and armor pieces.

Europa > Cosmodrome > Moon

Europa (Concealed void > Bunker E15 > Perdition

Cosmo (Exodus Garden 2A > Veles Labyrinth)

Moon (K1 Logistics > K1 Communion > K1 Crew Quarters > K1 Reveleations)

Armor types rotate as follows on a daily rotation

Boots (Master) + Arms (Legend)

Arms (Master) + Chest (Legend)

Chest (Master) + Head (Legend)

Head (Master) + Boots (Legend)

With this knowledge you can essentially farm any of the lost sectors you want, on any difficulty you want, stack the exotic engrams in your postmaster and wait until the day your preferred armor type is the master reward for the day and open them up and play the lotto.

NOTE – This does not make you target ONE specific armor piece, just the armor TYPE. In other words you can't just farm 20 stompees BUT you can stack up say, 10 exotics in your post and they will all turn into boots.

EDIT – Yes I do guides for various PvE stuff wasn't the first and it won't be the last even if some people hate me for "leaking their secrets"


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