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You should try Necrotic Grip exotic gautlets. They are broken in good and bad ways.

destiny2 6 - You should try Necrotic Grip exotic gautlets. They are broken in good and bad ways.

There is quite a talk about this exotic since yesterday, so i decided to test them a little bit. For those who don't know, the exotic perk on those gauntlets read as follows:

Damaging combatants with melee attacks corrupts them with increasing damage over time. Defeating a corrupted combatant spreads the corrupting effect to nearby targets and restores melee energy.

A few things that i was able to test about this exotic are:


  • It does 15 ticks of damage. About 1 every half a second.
  • Every tick does more damage than the previous one. Last tick does around 5x the damage of the first one, depending on the target.
  • Ranged melee attacks like celestial fire DO apply the effect on the enemies.
  • If you melee the enemy that is currently under the effect of the DOT, it will reapply the effect starting from the beggining. Keeping target under constat high-end damage is not possible.


  • It does exacly 5 damage per tick.
  • The amount of ticks is decresed to 6.
  • Middle tree Voidwalker melee will one shot an enemy with this exotic.
  • One headshot from the guns like Thorn + melee with Necrotic Grips is able to kill the target. (tested on target with 50 resilience)

Now for the REALLY interesting part.


  • Necrotic Grip seems to recognize enemies killed by Thorn as them being "poisoned".
  • What it means is that shooting an enemy with thorn will NOT apply the poison from Necrotic Grips themselves BUT if you kill enemies with Thorn, they will explode as if they were poisoned by the exotic gauntlets.
  • In other words: if you kill a dreg in a group of enemies with Thorn, the dreg will spread Necrotic Grips poison to every other enemy around.

This thing can be somewhat inconsistent, because it will work if you kill an enemy with the bullet of Thorn, but not if you kill an enemy with the poison of Thorn. (But even then, sometimes the poison will trigger the effect.)This exotic is a mess…



So now for the things that doesnt work so well…

  • The perk says that enemies dying to poison will restore melee energy. It does't do that. At all. Not even a slightest amount and it doesnt matter if enemy dies to poison or to a weapon while poisoned. This part of the perk just straight up does not work.
  • Quite frequently it will just refuse to apply the poison. I had situation where i had to melee servitor 6 times before the DOT was applied to the enemy.
  • Same with the spreading of the effect. Sometimes enemies that die under the effect of the DOT will refuse to spread it to other enemies. This mostly occures when there is already a lot of enemies poisoned at the same time.
  • If enemy that is under the DOT gets frozen by Stasis, the poison with stop working and vanish from the enemy completly. I do not know if this is intended or not, but it feels cluncky and i would love for it to be fixed, since the Stasis ranged melee does apply the DOT at first but then just stops completly.

Overall i really wanna like this exotic but there is just a lot of inconsistency with it right now. If Bungie fixes the issues with it then I think it might be a pretty strong and very fun addition to the game. You can do crazy thing with it like killing all of the enemies on the path to the first portal in the Garden of Salvation raid with just one melee or two Thorn shots.

If Bungie could adress those problems i would greatly appreciate it.

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