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Young Ahamkara’s Spine is the best exotic. Here’s why and how you should use it.

destiny2 6 - Young Ahamkara's Spine is the best exotic. Here's why and how you should use it.

Are you a Hunter looking for good exotic to use in PvP? Don't listen to the Stompies and Wormhusk normies, those exotics are boring and easy.

Instead join the YAS GANG.

Young Ahamkara's Spine is an amazing exotic that is ridiculously overlooked, it synergizes with so many things in both PVE and PVP, and it's incredibly useful for area control and damage output.

For the uninitiated, Young Ahamkara's Spine (henceforth referred to as "YAS") is an exotic that buffs your Tripmines into space. It grants Tripmine energy on solar ability damage(throwing knives, Tripmine damage, supers, which works for every shot of Golden Gun btw, even solar charges) and it pumps up the 4 D's ( ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ ) That is to say that it increases the Damage, Duration, Distance, and Durability of these magnificent little mines. And on top of all that, it prevents you from getting hurt by your own high explosive children. And on top of THAT, you get built in fastball, so you can YEET these bois to the moon.

Sick of your Tripmines only doing 140 damage? YAS may be right for you, now you deal a cool 160 per hit. Toss that baby on a wall and one tap with a hand cannon for the clean. The boi stronk now.

Sick of your Tripmines not lasting long enough to have a meaningful relationship with it? Is it just gone too soon? YAS may be right for you, now your Tripmines last long enough for you to see him graduate college and find a good job researching solar power. (Heh)

Sick of your Tripmines not having the range? YAS may be right for you, now you can nuke a small village. Blast that Titan before he even thinks about shoulder charging you.

Sick of your Tripmines getting knocked off the wall by a light breeze? YAS may be right for you, now you need a full magazine from most weapons to even phase that baby. Try to hurt my baby, just try.


Sick of taking damage from your own Tripmines? YAS may be right for you, now you're a Tripmine whisperer, and they will no longer bite you back. Keep those teeth pointed at the delicious meat of the enemy.

As you can see, YAS is the obvious choice for Grenade Oriented Combat, it has received more Shaxx Seals of Approval than any other exotic, including Armamentarium! (suck it Titans) It's even been praised by Asher Mir! When asked about the Young Ahamkara's Spine, he had this to say: "What are you on about with this incessant drivel about grenade enhancing Vertebra? Go make yourself useful and calculate the blast resistance of the Vex if it's so good!" (Notice how he said "it's so good" at the end there)

How to use ya bones

Definitely make your YAS arc, and put on Enhanced Impact Induction on her for even more Tripmine energy on your throwing knife hits. I'd also recommend Enhanced Bomber on a solar Cloak for grande energy when you dodge. Beyond that, synergize however you'd like.

For PVP, you can use the Outlaw explosive knife with a Tripmine on the same doorway for a nice instakill trap for instance, but try out all the Gunslinger trees and find your Zen.

In PVE you can use Thousand Cuts to throw flaming knives, Throw Tripmine, dodge, and repeat until your target is nothing more than flaming goop in front of you.

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YAS GANG is not responsible for any injuries caused by stepping in or slipping on the flaming goop of your used-to-be enemies

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