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Zavala is having a pretty significant change as a character, and it could have a huge effect on the dynamic of the game.

destiny2 2 - Zavala is having a pretty significant change as a character, and it could have a huge effect on the dynamic of the game.

Warning: This post contains datamined information regarding the last seasonal exotic's lore tab, and the lore entry we will get from Eris next week

To make it short, one of the messages Eris will get (next week) from the Pyramid is the word "Camouflage". Then "We are hidden closer then you know."

Now I am hiding the truth even from my own friend. I do not want to make them distrust the Vanguard. But I am sure that this warning is genuine… and that it points to a threat in our own ranks. There are inflections to this logograph that speak of a killer hidden in plain sight.

  • Camouflage entry from Singular Exegent

She seems to know the answer/who it is referring to but isn't 100% sure, which is why she doesn't want to say anything. That is the only secret she could be holding on to, because everyone (or at the very least Asher, her assistant, us and the Vanguard) knows what she's doing, so it's not a secret.

We only have two Vanguard members, and one of them has been in the spotlight quite a bit as of late, Zavala. Before I get to the Travelers Chosen lore excerpt I wanted to point something out.

When you get Ruinous Effigy, the little interaction where Zavala transmats in and talks to Eris, he is acting different. He seems pretty damn open to learning more about the Pyramid and directly interacting with them. Getting reports from both Eris and The Drifter. While I know he loves intel (as any leader would) the way he is going about things seems like there has been a change of heart…

Speaking of change of heart (the bit all of you have read by now)

I push into my ossific den and he is there.

I see him looking over the side, toward his Traveler, head bent. He is speaking softly, but I can hear him. Anyone who was listening could.

He waits for a response and I do as well, tense, curious. He stands attentively, this loyal dog of a man. It is no time at all for me, but for him, the hours creep by in silence.

I am ready to choke the voice of his Traveler if it answers him, but there is nothing. He tightens his grip on the railing.

I feel something shift inside him and a new possibility presents itself.


Again, I press against the sockets. The net creaks softly with my eagerness.

Someone approaches and he turns his back to his Traveler. There is an exchange, obscured by the rubicund thrash.

He is given reports. Hope bleeds from him. He gives the messenger a token of his faith. They accept it without understanding its meaning.

He watches as they leave. There is a hollow place in his center. It is beautiful.


I return warily.

I do not see him, but I hear him. He speaks to all with a voice thick with grief.

I must learn how far I have been set back. I reach to him tentatively. Strength. I push—and feel only sweet, soft rot.

I am delirious with pleasure. It gave them no answers; it was a reflex, the spasm of dumb muscle.

A song of joy rises within me.


  • Travelers Chosen

This has been discussed a lot ever since the datamine let us read the entry. At face value you can take it as Zavala is not only losing hope in the success of the war against the pyramids, but also in the Traveler.

I don't think the fact it is from the Ahamkaras perspective is that big of a point, but then again this is an avenue to take advantage of his vulnerability.

But let's say, being a Guardian, he could feel the Ahamkara "reaching out" to him. He doesn't resist it.

This has been happening for a while now, we got this back during Curse of Osiris:

I don’t know what to believe. I look at the Traveler now, shining and alive, and I remember all the times I begged it to respond. To help its chosen through our trials.

I remember its silence. Even now, it does not speak… or if it does, there is no one to hear and understand its words.

Ikora says that we cannot understand the Traveler, or its desires. They are too far removed from our own. But can we rely on something that doesn’t understand us to protect us? Or must we protect ourselves?

  • Zavala (lore entry)

He is still dealing with the fact so many people died under the direct gaze of the Traveler, and that it stayed quiet. We don't even know if it breaking free of Ghaul's cage was a genuine reaction, it has been argued that it was an instinctual response, but I don't know enough to really add anything to it.

The point is Zavala has been building ill-will towards the Traveler for a while now.

He would do anything to protect the Last City. Such is his conviction.

Would he kill me, if he thought I was turned? I think it would wound him horribly. But he does love to be hurt by his duty…

  • Conviction from Singular Exegent

He has iterated this time and time again, his job is to defend the Last City, Humanity, not the Traveler. In the face of an unbeatable foe, would he choose to swap sides if it mean't he could save his people? He would, without a doubt.

But there is more to this.

Duty is a puzzle. The harder you work, the more it seems to weigh. That reminds Zavala of Basho, his favorite poet, and of the hot spring Basho once visited to see the Murder Stone, which killed birds and insects that came too near. He has a horrible idea of the Traveler as that stone, surrounded by buzzing flies all shaped like Ghosts…

"You're doing it again," his Ghost warns him. "I know that expression."

"I know," Zavala says. "I just worry."

  • Pilgrimage from the Awoken of the Reef book

You then have Zavala finding and reading the Speaker's hidden confessions where he admits the Traveler is basically false hope, and that given the chance it will leave us like it left the Fallen.

I think we must. I have been searching the databanks—records that even the Cryptarchs cannot access—and sifting through data that the Speaker thought too dangerous to be disseminated.

Speaker is dead so this happened well after the Red War. Why is that important? Well, the Speaker openly admits that the Traveler is…well a lie.

I am the last Speaker, and I dream that the Traveler will leave us.

It shouldn't be a surprise. This truth has been passed down from Speaker to Speaker for generations: the Traveler is good, the Traveler is sentient, the Traveler will save us, and the Traveler will leave us. For many, many years, I believed that the prophecy of the Traveler's departure was misinterpreted, and fulfilled instead by its silence after the Collapse. I stopped preaching that final tenet. It only served to frighten people.

I lie through my teeth and tell them to trust in the Traveler.

  • Suffering from the Constellations book

Zavala has basically every reason to absolutely have zero faith in the Traveler. He has his own experiences, and the confessions of the Speaker that he hid from everyone.

He's stuck between a rock and a hard place. He has a "God" that does nothing and sits by while everything gets worse and people are dying, and you have the "enemy" literally on our doorstep with no conceivable way of fighting it.

He is looking for a side to pick, and the only side offering any bit of salvation is, ironically, the Pyramids. It's a judgement call, and with his faith in the traveler becoming less of a factor, he is going to jump to any opportunity to save humanity. Even if it ends up being a lie.

He's desperate, he's rotting from the inside, he is driven mad with anxiety, and held down by regret. He wants to redeem himself, and that strong desire could lead to his downfall. He feels he has to do it all on his own, because it is his duty.

Nothing good has come to Humanity since the Traveler showed up (Golden Age was brief and led to basically extinction), maybe it is time for him to seek an alternative.

Note: There is also a lore piece that doesn't mention him by name that is essentially what he is saying to the traveler while the Ahamkara skull is stalking him in the Traveler's Chosen text. Also can't find it.

Note: While Eris is also hiding (I guess?) the fact that the collapse has already started, it's implied that she is keeping the mole (or who she thinks it is) a secret from everyone.

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