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A Hypothesis on the RK800 Series and its Model Types

DetroitBecomeHuman9 - A Hypothesis on the RK800 Series and its Model Types

There's a line of dialogue Connor says in Battle For Detroit that always bothered me.

It's in the deviant route, when he rides up to the CyberLife Tower in the taxi, and rolls down the window to speak to the security guard. He states, "Connor model 313 248 317. I'm expected." After confirming his identification, they lower the wall to let him through.

But the thing is… He didn't state his entire serial number. Only part of it.

The way that RK800 models are differentiated is by the double digit number at the end, separated from the rest of the serial number by a dash. Connor begins the game with the serial number "313 248 317 – 51". If he dies, the number at the end increases by one, indicating that this is now a newly assembled RK800. For example, if he dies during The Hostage, he will appear in Partners with the serial number "313 248 317 – 52". This is also how New Connor (the RK800 who takes Hank hostage in Battle for Detroit, commonly referred to as 60) is differentiated from our Connor, with his serial number being "313 248 317 – 60".

Connor, when stating his serial number to the guard, does not include the number at the end. So why bother saying the number at all? Every RK800 has the same three-part serial number; it's only the number at the end which sets them apart. Simply stating that he's a 313 248 317 is redundant. Why not just say that he's a Connor model and leave it at that?

After pondering this for awhile, I came to a realization.

This is an AP700.

This is also an AP700.


Here's a group of them.

They're all AP700s, but they all have different appearances. Different genders, races, hair and eye colors, body shapes.

What sets these AP700s apart are their serial numbers.

Another line of dialogue Connor says in the game that may seem a little strange is during Last Chance, Connor, when he's confronting Amanda. Upon choosing the option "CONNOR SERIES", he says, "I'm not a unique model, am I? How many Connors are there?!" During that line, the camera zooms in on the serial number on his shirt.

And that's a bit odd. I mean, if Connor had died previously, then the player would have already known at that point in the story that there's more than one RK800, that he's able to be replicated and replaced.

But the thing is: He's not talking about RK800 #313 248 317s. He's talking about RK800s. He's talking about Connors.

Take the Eden Club Tracis, for instance. Every WR400 is referred to as "Traci." Connor says, "Can you rent this Traci?" when referring to an Asian-looking WR400. He also says, "A blue-haired Traci" when referring to a WR400 with a completely different appearance, one that appears more Caucasian and, obviously, has blue hair. Both of them are Tracis.

When Connor asks, "How many Connors are there?", he's asking how many different types of RK800s there are. How many variations, how many different styles and appearances.

In conclusion:

Connor is an RK800 #313 248 317. His appearance resembles a Caucasian male with deep brown hair and brown eyes, and his uniform consists of a suit and tie.

That is the default appearance of his model with his serial number. But who's to say there isn't an RK800 #512 978 436, with blond hair, green eyes, and a police uniform?

I would love to hear the community's thoughts on this.

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