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Amanda’s twist and “What was planned form the very beginning”. I think I have answers!

DetroitBecomeHuman10 - Amanda's twist and "What was planned form the very beginning". I think I have answers!


There are 2 major plot twists in the game, the Alice is an android twist and the Amanda twist. The Alice twist I did not like in the beginning, too many questions (even though I figured it out with "Why do humans hate us?" at Rose's). But the questions all had answers in the game, and upon playing it more the twist made sense. The Amanda twist however I took at face value, but it made less and less sense. The only conclusion I could come up with was that she was lying, and while that made more sense that the actual twist, it still didn't quite fit. But, I think I figured out what is actually happening with Amanda's twist.

It just doesn't make sense that CyberLife would come up with this elaborate plan to have Connor go deviant in order to gain control of androids that they already control. Why lose control of them to gain control of them? Their goal does seem to involve this android army, and the game alludes that president Warren has some kind of ties to CyberLife. Maybe the plans for this army has something to do with the conflict over the arctic with Russia. Why else would this random conflict keep showing up?

Now, depending on what path you end up on Amanda can say 4 different things. To a machine Connor who refuses to shoot a peaceful Markus it is;

"Connor what are you doing? Obey that's an order! … I see, moral objections. We knew there's a risk you'd be compromised which is why we'd always planned on resuming control of your program. … I'm afraid I can Connor. You needn't have any regrets. You did what you were designed to do. You accomplished your mission."

I think this is the most honest version of what CyberLife planned. We thought this might happen so we planned to remedy it.

Deviant Connor but Markus is dead;

"Well done Connor. Everything went according to plan. (What plan?) You becoming deviant? The success of the uprising? It all surpassed our expectations. We engineered an android revolution, and no we control it's only leader. Congratulations. You represent an immense success for CyberLife"

Now…I am 100% certain that CyberLife did not engineer the android revolution, and I will go into why shortly. But this is also the biggest hint as to what is actually happening. She didn't say CyberLife engineered the revolution, simply we, and I think that's important. And while "we" implies CyberLife, Kamski used to be the head of CyberLife. She also answered Connor's question (What plan?) with questions, instead of plainly.

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The good ending she simply says;

"What was planned from the very beginning." and "We just needed to wait for the right moment to resume control"

Why does she not say what "CyberLife" or even "we" planned from the very beginning? Why what was planned? Who planned it?

And if you like elevator rides a bit too much, or are bad with quicktime events that take place in them, she will say;

"The deviant hunter turns deviant itself. A pathetic attempt Connor. Did you really believe we would let you compromise our androids so easily? You have betrayed my trust! You will be terminated."


Not only does she sound pissed, but Connor's death immediately follows. Add to that Connor-60's lines and general attitude, it's pretty clear that CyberLife is less than pleased with Connor's choice to deviate. Now it would make sense to set up an ambush or something so Connor isn't suspicious that they aren't trying to stop him. But they derm to be legit trying really hard to kill him.

Now for something interesting. Kamski designed the RK model, and he gave it to Carl as a gift. This RK model, Markus, seems to be able to disobey Carl (there is only 1 opportunity and it's easily missed and explained away), but doesn't have any software instability if he does. Maybe that's just gameplay, but maybe it's easily explained as Connor's specific gameplay mechanic so we don't pay attention to it. Now Carl treats this android like a son, he sees it as a son. He tries to humanize it. I'm sure Kamski knew the type of person Carl is when giving him Markus.

When Markus does deviate, he has the one wall to break through. When Connor deviates, he has three! This suggests that CyberLife put in extra measures so he doesn't deviate. Which suggests that they knew it was a risk, obviously since Kamski was part of CyberLife. Maybe the software instability was another measure, a way for Connor to guage himself and his actions.

Now to put everything together

The reason I'm 100% certain that CyberLife did not engineer the android revolution is because I am 100% certain Kamski did. It was never really a question for me. Kamski designed androids to begin with. Kamski designed Zen Garden (it's been improved significantly ever since why do you ask?). Kamski designed Amanda. Kamski designed the RK model, and he designed it to deviate. Kamski is dissapointed if Connor shoots Chloe, but excited if he spares her. Kamski has the location of Jericho! And Kamski obviously does not want CyberLife to control it, if he did why would he tell Connor about the emergency exit? And it even appears that he is trying to push Connor towards deviancy.

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So the revolution, and Connor turning deviant was in fact all part of the plan. Kamski's plan. Amanda would know about it, Kamski designed her. And she never says it was CyberLife's plan, just that it was planned. CyberLife knew the RK model was designed to deviate, but also knew that it could stand the best chance of stopping the deviants, so they put extra measures in to make sure it didn't. CyberLife's plan was to take control of Connor's program if he deviated and they failed to kill him/he compromised the android army they needed. This was one of those measures. If he stays a machine they win, if he deviates and they successfully take control of him, they still win. In both cases they have control over their android army for whatever purpose they had for it (personally I think it's to use in the Russian conflict).

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