Detroit: Become Human

An interesting parallel I noticed in one of Kara’s paths.

DetroitBecomeHuman4 - An interesting parallel I noticed in one of Kara’s paths.

Spoilers for the Kara Captured path. You have been warned.

I’d also like to say that I’m not very familiar with history outside of my own country so I apologise if I mess up some details.

Now, anyone who has played the game extensively will know about the Kara Captured route and how it is a not-so-subtle representation of the Holocaust in the era of Nazi Germany.

So I was reading up a little on Nazi Germany as I had recently read All The Light We Cannot See (fantastic book, loved it once I understood the structure), and what I noticed was that its leaders were obsessed with finding a pure-blooded German. According to Hitler, that would help ensure the survival of the Aryan race.

Call me blunt, but from what I understand, “pure-blooded German” is essentially someone who is almost completely of Aryan blood.

This was why all minorities (not just Jewish people) were put under extreme scrutiny and could face severe punishment if they even got close to tainting the pure-blood line. They didn’t count as a pure-blood.

What you need to take away from this is that the Nazis believed they were the purest, most perfect Germans in the country, and that they were exterminating the impure and imperfect Germans as they pose a threat to the survival of their bloodline.

Why is this important? Don’t worry, I’m getting to that.


What’s interesting to note in Detroit: Become Human is that a similar pattern occurs within the game. One race, humanity, is exterminating another, android kind, as the latter poses a threat to the survival of the former.

Except it happens backwards.

I know the parallel gets a lot of shade from people because it borrows Holocaust imagery without understanding the context, but I think that’s false. I reckon Cage and the writing team knew the context in its entirety and decided to flip it in the game. Too fast? Okay, let’s slow down.

What’s actually happening?

*Mankind, the impure and imperfect race is trying to erase android kind because the androids are perfect and (arguably) pure and they are not. *

Now that you understand, the question now becomes “why is this even included?” What is the point of this parallel? I honestly am not that sure why this comparison exists, and I was hoping you guys can discuss this with me and each other.

My best guess is that perfect or imperfect, pure or impure, people (and at this point, androids as well) are capable of doing some fucked up shit.

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