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another random post on detroit thoughts

DetroitBecomeHuman8 - another random post on detroit thoughts

i never planned this, but it's inevitable when one plays a game more than a few times. there are things that i've ruminated on for too long so i figured i should post them to lessen the effect the thoughts have in my head. because complaining about irl hasn't helped.

this is long, random, & may contain unpopular opinions, so proceed with that in mind.

  • why is the dpd like some weird wild west when it comes to guns? people just dick swing them like nothing & it's totally inappropriate & unimmersive
  • hank says he doesn't want to fill out paperwork (& seems dissuaded from initially hurting connor) but will blow his brains out if their relationship is bad enough on the bridge, & there's no consequences. this falls under the rampant lack of control dpd show. like, gavin never gets reprimanded for shite, either – it's nuts down there!
  • makes fowler look like he doesn't have any control & doesn't know how to be a captain. i was hoping he'd be like captain holt, but he's presented as horribly incompetent.
  • on the other hand, i'm tickled him & amanda act the same ways to hank & connor.
  • i liked chris, but then saw his apathy towards androids, &how he'll still shoot the androids if markus has a peaceful protest. i can put that under bad writing/too much work to branch an already intensely branched story, but i also understand it can be terrifying to see a hoard of androids running your way at night. plus, i've already covered how loose & free the dpd appear to be with their guns.
  • yeah, hank is one of the better humans connor could have been paired with in the dpd, but during his "best" deviant ending, i don't get all warm & mushy because (A) hank will threaten to blow connor's head off & do so or won't & you'll become friends during that very troubling scene & (B) hank is still suicidal, depressed, addicted, & has a ton of issues he really needs help with.
  • on the other hand, while i do see them as fire-forged friends, some part of me is worried connor has become this living emotional crutch, & i worry about their friendship because i'm highly anxious by nature.
  • & fowler will let hank get away with anything (be late, come to work work – cops cannot do those things, not that cops might never have) but also lets gavin get away with a lot, too
  • gavin human garbage & i don't get how people can like that. it seems they don't, because they alter him completely. so why don't you like another character? bwuh???
  • markus tells the androids he & north free from the store that he was "like them" a "slave, too" & that bothered me a lot. yes, i think his last time was carl was written iffy, but this is one huge instance markus says anything negative about carl that isn't ever fully addressed.
  • markus loves carl, will say heartbreaking things (if carl dies) at carl's grave or will make ammends with carl if carl lives (but he does't apologize about leo, so, ok???), but it doesn't seem like he feels he's a slave?
  • i get he was carl's caretaker, but, it's never addressed & it really bugs me (possibly because i do like carl a lot).
  • markus who sets off the dirty bomb is pretty badass…
  • but markus also generally sounds psychotic no matter what route you choose, but it's glaring when he's peaceful.
  • "they have no choice but to listen to us" sounds scary despite it probably not intended to be menacing. & he has a lot of these small interjections in otherwise logical dialogue which often startled a laugh out of me in horror & amusement.
  • even if markus goes peaceful, he is not a soft butterball. he will still shoot a bitch if need be. markus struggles a lot with going peaceful or violent.
  • if north was a guy, i feel fans who love gavin for all the wrong reason would love her.
  • north & simon have points where it seems like they want each other dead. "NO MARKUS, LEAVE/KILL THEM, WE HAVE NO CHOICE." did something happen that we never see? it's really extreme.
  • why won't josh love markus no matter what i do? it always has to be after jericho is destroyed. D: if you're ever stuck with just josh & a peaceful markus, the dialogue is so minimal & sparse & it makes everything so lonely. ):
  • simon kinda creeps me out. i can't put my finger on why.
  • this is a common one: but alice should have been human, proving androids & humans can love each other, even if extreme circumstances bring them together. worked with hank, could have worked with alice.
  • plus imagine the heartbreaking future where kara & luther have to bury alice.
  • i feel kara should have had the ability to lead the revolution. also have more part in the endings where markus liberates her & co. from the camps
  • why doesn't ralph get taken in if connor finds kara? i think it's a huge plot hole because not everyone will meet ralph.
  • another worrisome plot hole is that jerry & ralph are not seen to have survived if kara & co. wake up among the corpses of the recycling grounds. WHY )8
  • plus, if you do a revolution or demonstration with markus, perkins tells markus that the other groups have been killed or taken to the camps.
  • so does that mean all the deviants connor spared/didn't find/let escape all died, too? IT WAS ALL FOR NOTHING???
  • luther can die way too easily & has far too many death chances.
  • luther did not go in for a family hug even though his status went up to family.
  • markus' introduction to jericho was not well done. i have no idea what the direction or intention was.
  • amanda is so underused & unexplained. just like kamski.
  • if chloe was the fourth character, i wonder what her story would have covered & how it would have fit. the three main characters we do have barely fit together.
  • i thought connor would deviate when simon got left behind on my first playthrough. i thought we'd go all jrpg route: all of us would get together, form a party, have a great, interwoven story–WRONG.
  • when they all did get together on jericho, nothing the fuck happened that utilized them having any kind of interaction. but the groundwork had been laid & numerous wasted possibilities were there!
  • we should have had an intermission during their time at the cathedral since almost two days passed & all our main players were together.
  • i mean, c'mon i fucking cleaned a bathroom & did laundry, you can't have me do menial garbage when all three of the protags are together? i'll sort papers, hand out blankets, just let me have my jrpg crew hang together for a bit!
  • biggest cocktease of all time!
  • hank saying illegal gambling doesn't hurt anyone makes me think of archer: "VICTIMLESS CRIMES, LANA!" YOU'RE A COP, IDIOT, YOU KNOW ILLEGAL GAMBLING IS V BAD.
  • hank not knowing what thirium is when he made his name in busting red ice rings. like, please stop making him look more incompetent than he already is to tell players this. we're already reading a shitton of magazines, put that info there, don't make hank look like he's doing babby's first crime scene investigator. DON'T LICK HIGHLY ADDICTIVE DRUGS, HANK, YOU ARE ESTABLISHED AS HAVING AN ADDICTION PROBLEM.
  • adam & rose have a better arc than luther.
  • why was that one jerry facing away? just to jump scare us at pirate's cove? because that makes zero sense.
  • also why did they want to recreate madison's creepy encounter with kara & zlatko? just give the scene a better reason & i bet players would have been pleasantly surprised.
  • who was that creepy ralph-like android who gave kara zlatko's address? EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM IS JUST SO HALF-ASSED, it's obvious they just wanted to use the set piece.
  • i feel like connor should have investigated a large mansion burning down, WITH A DEAD HUMAN, when there were obvious signs of androids On the premises? idk how dpd sort their important deviant cases. OR WAS ZLATKO SUPER HATED IN DETROIT? GIVE ME SOMETHING, ANYTHING. I'LL TAKE ANYTHING AT THIS POINT.
  • if kara/alice doesn't outright kill todd or jump out the window, fighting todd TAKES FOREVER.
  • connor-60 tells connor he looked at connor's memories when he first shows he's held hank hostage. later, connor is super surprised, "he downloaded my memory GASP" when -60 can reiterate to hank how they met. BRAVO, CONNOR. most advance ptorotype indeed!
  • when amanda tells connor he's the only one who can solve the case, i can see why even if he fucks up or spares androids. hank never finds shite in any of the crime scenes – too busy sulking or learning coin tricks or bitching – the cops don't help connor chase kara, etc. it's just. utter incompetence in the dpd all around to the point it's hilarious.
  • i'm also sad carl's health deteriorated so much because leo got hurt. like, carl, what about markus? i like to think he was also sad he lost markus, but, i don't think that's the official explanation & it makes me sad all day.
  • why did todd give kara so much trouble but she can take down swat on jericho like it's nbd?
  • why is connor constantly getting his arse handed to him by androids whose function are random daily, menial jobs??
  • why does hank keep yelling at me to catch them damn deviants then gets hella pissy when i do???
  • if markus sets off the dirty bomb, & hank was just with connor freeing androids at cyberlife, they don't get a post credit scene…BECAUSE HANK IS DEAD??? D:
  • why is the demonstration ending so ominous? the androids won their freedom "FOR NOW?"
  • why do i have to set off a dirty bomb & get a shortened ending for the androids "to be free in the ruins of detroit." ok, game, calm down & stop taking notes from satan.
  • if hank died, & if carl lived up until this point, carl died, too! WHAT
  • markus' character has no consistency. if he really gave a damn about carl, we should have a choice whether to nuke detroit or consider the ramifications of his actions.
  • i love kara's darker endings where she ends up alone. i think those would be amazing dlc plots to go through. like, just the regret & living with it. it would be amazing! would make me cry. but. amazing. plus, david cage could use all his useless qte prompts as i sadly fold linen & look at things that remind me of alice & what a horrible decision kara has made because it doesn't matter she might have felt her autonomy was in question if she & alice were just following their programming.
  • i think everyone already feels the same way about no humans siding with the androids, but some do on news reports, although that's hardly what would happen irl.
  • edit: i know i might've whinged too much on fowler, but i will give him one thing. when he's like ??? when hank cares when he takes him off the case, i get why fowler is confused af. hank is a bigot with anti-android stickers & acquaintances. just imagine connor introducing him to the other androids, SOMETIMES HE'LL SAY BIGOTED THINGS, THREATEN TO KILL YOU, AND YEAH THE OTHER HUMANS HE KNOWS HATES US, BUT, UH. OK. LET'S PUT A PIN IN THIS.

obviously, many of these gripes are meant with love. you play a game a lot, laugh over weird stuff that no one seemed to proof, & some questions are rhetorical – but these things have been on my mind. obviously, if i didn't like detroit, i wouldn't be thinking about it too much. the same thing happened with heavy rain before.


i'm also stuck on how many characters are probably well & truly dead if the other androids did get killed & markus' group was the last left & if you set a dirty bomb. it made me realize what a big deal it was for connor to get more of them because they really are a dying species before that point. it just never hit me until a few playthroughs in.

if you made it to the end of this insanity, what strange things have become more glaring the more you plated dbh? in a sense that they have haunted your mindspace for always.

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