Detroit: Become Human

Credits for dumb writing blog from tumblr! I couldn’t write this shit with my poor English skills lol so shame on me.

DetroitBecomeHuman3 - Credits for dumb writing blog from tumblr! I couldn’t write this shit with my poor English skills lol so shame on me.

The silence of the night was near deafening. The only thing that disturbed the tranquility was the sound of a crackling fire and the faint music playing from a stereo. “What do you think will be in your stocking, Alice?” Kara whispered, as not to disturb the already sleepy child further. “I don’t know.” She yawned. “But whatever it is, I’m sure it will be amazing!” Kara smiled gently and caressed Alice’s hair. They were both sat by the fireplace and Alice rested her tired head on Kara’s lap. Kara chuckled at the sight of her weary companion. “How about you just go upstairs and get to bed. You don’t want Santa to catch you up this late, do you?” Alice giggled and removed her head from Kara’s knee. “Goodnight Kara, I love you!” “Merry Christmas Alice. I love you too.” Small footsteps sounded as the tired child lugged herself up the stairs. Soon after Kara entered her room, the front door opened. “Luther! You’re home.” Luther proceeded to hug the gentle, and tiny, being. He seemingly engulfed her in his arms. “Hello, Kara. Is Alice already asleep?” Kara nodded as she pulled away from the giant. “She just went upstairs. But before we start with presents, here.” She reached behind her to grab a hat. “You want me to wear that?” He glanced at the Santa hat in her hands and the reindeer antler headband that she had placed on her head. “Yes! We need to get into the Christmas spirit!” Her voice wrang pleasantly through Luther’s mind. “Why can’t you wear the Santa hat?” “Because I got it especially for you.” “And?” Kara proceeded to place the hat over her antlers, the brim of the hat covered her eyes. “Because it’s too big.” She chuckled. Her voice was teasingly pitiful. Luther removed the hat over Kara’s big blue eyes and placed it on his head, where it sat perfectly. “Ok, Kara. I’ll be Santa for tonight.” The two joined forces to collect all of the hidden presents throughout the house and place them under the bright tree. “She’s going to love these boots, don’t you agree?” The two gazed into each other’s eyes. “If it’s from you, she will definitely love it.” Kara’s cheeks subtly flushed blue. She reached for Luther’s hand. “Oh, Luther, you’re freezing!.” She paced to the couch and grabbed a red blanket to wrap around her cold partner. The red blanket draped over seemingly only half of the giant’s torso. “Well, that didn’t work as expected.” The two of them sync chuckles. “That’s ok Kara, I only need you in order to be warm.” “Stop it, Luther! you’re making me blush.” Luther’s gaze left Kara’s gleaming irises to a plate of cookies set by the fireplace. He reached over to grab them. “Luther! those are for Santa!” Kara teased. Luther eyed the puffball dangling in his face that was attached to his hat. “Well, from the looks of it, I think I am Santa.” He leaned over Kara to grab a snickerdoodle but tripped into her arms. “Luther! You have to be careful! We don’t want to wake Alice.” Luther didn’t respond, he was too hypnotized by the gleam behind Kara’s pupils. They stared at each other for quite a long amount of time before Luther decided to meet their lips. They kissed each other and felt more passion than they ever had. A small gasp was heard. They broke their embrace to see Alice, standing on the stairs, watching them. “Alice!” Kara ran to the little girl. “Why aren’t you asleep?” “I couldn’t sleep, I was too excited!” Kara lead Alice back to her room. Alice began to speak once she was tucked in. “Kara, do you love Santa Claus?” Kara let out a small and endearing giggle. “Yeah, I think I do love Santa Claus.”

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