Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human – 2016 Full Demo – analysis/comparison with final version (NO SPOILERS)

DetroitBecomeHuman3 - Detroit: Become Human - 2016 Full Demo - analysis/comparison with final version (NO SPOILERS)

Just found this video and want to analyze the difference between this demo and final version. Let's get started!


It's kinda different and i've seen that some people are discussing which version is better. I'm not so good at graphics technologies so i can't tell the difference in detail, so let's just leave it as is and keep going 🙂


0:20 – "Save hostage at all costs" and "Probability of success" appearing instantly as you have left the elevator.

0:27 and throughout the video – an "interact with right thumbstick" element looks different and doesn't have description of what are you going to do by interacting with "this", it's more like Heavy Rain style.

0:40 – He just ignored the fish!!! 🙁

1:00 – "Every second counts" appearing after Emma's mom encounter instead of Captain Allen.

1:12 – You can ignore the conversation with Allen and start investigating immediately (Talk to Allen was optional?)

1:56 – The names of the options had difference: "Android's name" instead "Deviant's name"; "Behavior" instead "Deviant's behavior"; "Deactivation" instead "Deactivation code".

1:56 and throughout the video – Dialogue UI was pretty different. Buttons images was much smaller, answer options were appearing slower, obscuration was less noticeable. Also there wasn't "time to decide" bar.

1:56 and throughout the video – there was VERY LITTLE TIME TO DECIDE – like from 2 to 3 seconds even in the regular conversation. Tbh I'd like this. Kinda "Extreme" or "Realistic" difficulty option that goes with harder QTEs. I'm sort of people who thinks that QTE in Detroit could have been much harder.

1:56 and throughout the video – if you wasn't fast enough to decide (it is understandable, with three seconds to decide :D) the game could pick any option that was available by its own, but instead of always picking the bottom variant in the final version, the demo could pick any option regardless of where this option was placed (I mean, it was still determined, but it wasn't always the bottom option).


2:52 – "Mind Palace" UI was slightly different. Also, there wasn't yellow flags which could help you to find the things to interact with.

3:10 – The "Finding Clues" UI was different. And it looks like you shouldn't been analyze the clues manually (by pressing triangle or Y button), it looks like the game does it by its own.

3:26 – The "Reconstruct Mode" UI was different.

4:14 – Cutted scene, where Connor looks up and detecting a helicopter.

5:31 – The names of the options had difference: "Release Emma" instead "Release hostage"; "Like you" instead "Empathize"; "Reassure" instead "Reassure Daniel".

5:49 (INTERESTING) – Are you armed? You could lie to Daniel, but when he says "I know you have a gun" there was another "Truth or Lie" choice where you was still able to say the truth. The video barely has gameplay's sound so I can't hear what was Daniel and Connor saying (English isn't my native language) so if you has managed to hear that – please leave the comment! 🙂

6:56 – The name of the option had difference: "Blame" instead "Blaming".

(No timecode) – There wasn't "Sympathetic" option (not sure).

8:06 – The name of the option had difference: "Sacrifice Connor" instead "Sacrifice self".

8:11 – If you refuse Daniel's demanding he decides to jump regardless of probability of success

8:31 – QTE UI looks more like "Beyond: Two Souls" style.

That's all, I guess! My opinion: the game was planned to be MUCH more difficult than the final version! This idea is also supported by other trailer, which contents spoilers, so I can't describe it 🙂

Write your thoughts, It will be very interesting for me to read all of them! Bye!

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