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I had a fun conversation today where I had argued North was a terrible love interest and then the North Protection Squad of pixies came to say that it was all justified because she was traumatized from being raped and her hatred of humans is merely a sign of ptsd.

You know, because mental illness and trauma is enough to totally justify the hatred of an entire species or social class.

In stressing the fact that North is, 1) not excused for being manipulative and selfish just because she was used for intended purpose as per her manufacturer, and 2) SHE IS NOT A HUMAN AND WAS MADE FOR THAT INTENDED USE, I was labeled a rape apologist.

Like, wtf? North is a machine and as a machine she was advertised as a model that was specifically tailored for sexual gratification. Since the beginning, Kamski himself has assured humanity that androids are not capable of real emotions. That any emotion expressed really is just a simulation, imitation, but has no weight or meaning beyond that. They have been assured and reassured for almost 20 years that androids don't actually feel anything and are just robots beneath the surface.


We, as the player, know this is wrong. But it is the very fabric of the reality set in the game. It was the biggest hurdle Kamski had to overcome to get Androids out to the general population and have them accepted into society in the first place. Humans don't know any better and, when having their single agreed upon world view come crashing down around them, they respond in fear and violence to attempt to reaffirm those beliefs. And even if sympathetic to the androids, they are still unsure how to connect to them, how to understand how androids feel, because they aren't human. They run on algorithms and binary instead of chemicals and hormones. They are a completely different sort of machine humanity had been led to believe was one way only to find out that their entire world view was wrong. Does that make what happened to North okay, no. But does that justify her at all? No.

North advocates hatred. Even as she supports Markus in his pacifist run, she still completely and utterly hates humans and views them as beasts to be eradicated. She doesn't give up her hatred, only acknowledges her defeat in that there is no other options available to her. It rests solely on Markus. She is still a terrible person and a terrible love interest and the romance was horribly handled, but maybe look at the little details to see the big picture before blanketing your narrow world views on a reality you don't understand.

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