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Dont get me wrong i liked detroit. I like how ur choices actually matter coughs "telltale games". But the writing is just plain stupid at points. David cage doesnt do anything to flesh out the world except some concept art that ppl can spend points on. The only thing that really kept the game afloat for me was conner and hanks relationship because they were the only 2 ppl who seemed to know their character. Dont get me wrong i didnt mind markus and kara but markus doesnt really have any character and kara doesnt play into the actual story whatsoever. I like conner coz u can actually shape him into who you want him to be but in the end, i liked detroit and bryan dechard but tbh david cages writing sucks and needs to flesh out the world and have better consequences. I cant even believe that they dared to put famous Martin luther King quotes in it and at some points you dont have any choice whatsoever. They force markus and north together and the public opinion meter doesnt change anything except for like 2 ppl opinions (the president and the border control guy). Not once does a soldier think twice about shooting a devient or not once does a human join in on the protest with androids. They genuinely dont know what they were doing with this game but it was still some fun to play even though i found alice annoying, karas story irrelivant and the final plot twist stupid and unnecessary. I only liked the connor chapters abd found it somewhat amusing that you couldnt actually kill off the only good character. 2 days ago, i was sick and replayed the entire game. I found that i didnt really enjoy it as much as i did before. The trophies are dumb theyre either given to u needlessly or impossible to earn and markus doesnt have any character. The only story i could get behind was connors and you shouldve only been able to play from his perspective P.s dont hate on ne i like detroit but some parts i just cant stand


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