Detroit: Become Human

Discussion Thread #15: Unsung heroes

DetroitBecomeHuman5 - Discussion Thread #15: Unsung heroes

This is our fifteenth discussion thread.

It will be stickied for two weeks until the next discussion thread is submitted.

Since this is an in-depth discussion post, it is expected that participants have completed the base game in the very least. As such, spoiler tags are not necessary for this thread.

You have been warned!


Our current topic is: Unsung heroes

The game features a lot of great characters who play a major or minor role in the story. But not all of them got the amount of screentime they deserved. What do you think: Who deserves more screentime and why? It can be any side or background character or even one of the three protagonists who is in the other's shadow. Feel free to share your thoughts about this topic.

Topic suggestion by /u/sleepycharlie

To Jericho, deviants!


> More than 2,300 people have signed the Simon Romance Petition. Will we reach the 2,500 signature mark?

> Bryan Dechart announces green Connor (full deviant) playthrough on Twitch.

> Next ConnorArmy Meetup takes place in Shanghai, China on November 3 & 4.



  • November 2031 – Release date of Josh/PJ500
  • November 2038 – Release date of upgraded Connor/RK900
  • November 5, 2038 – "Shades of Color", "The Painter", "The Opening", "A New Home", "Stormy Night", "Broken", "Fugitives", "Partners"
  • November 6, 2038 – "The Interrogation", "From the Dead", "Waiting for Hank…", "On the Run", "The Nest", "Jericho", "Time to Decide", "Zlatko", "Russian Roulette", "Spare Parts", "The Eden Club"
  • November 7, 2038 – "The Pirates' Cove", "The Bridge", prologue of "The Stratford Tower"
  • November 8, 2038 – "The Stratford Tower", "Public Enemy", "Midnight Train"
  • November 9, 2038 – "Capitol Park", "Meet Kamski", "Freedom March", "Last Chance, Connor", "Crossroads"
  • November 10, 2038 – "Night of the Soul"
  • November 11, 2038 – "Battle for Detroit"


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