Detroit: Become Human

Discussion Thread #19: Where Trophies Lead Us

DetroitBecomeHuman6 - Discussion Thread #19: Where Trophies Lead Us

This is our 19th discussion thread.

It will be stickied for two weeks until the next discussion thread is submitted.

Since this is an in-depth discussion post, it is expected that participants have completed the base game in the very least. As such, spoiler tags are not necessary for this thread.

You have been warned!


> Until 11:59 PM PST on December 31 you can still vote for Detroit: Become Human in PlayStation.Blog's Game of the Year 2018 for the categories "Best PS4 Game", "Best Graphical Showcase", "Best Art Direction", "Best Soundtrack", "Best Sound Design", "Best Narrative" and "Best PlayStation Console Exclusive". You can also vote for Bryan Dechart, Clancy Brown, Jesse Williams or Valorie Curry in the category "Best Performance".

> Detroit: Become Human won in the category "RPG of the Year" of the Australian Games Awards 2018 and was also nominated in the categories "Action/Adventure Title of the Year" and "Game of the Year".

> Detroit: Become Human won the "Best Video Game" award of Les étoiles du Parisien 2018 (The Stars of "Le Parisien"). (link to French website)

> More than 3,750 people have signed the petition for a Markus and Simon DLC.


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Our current topic is: Where Trophies Lead Us

PlayStation trophies are a good way to reward players for achieving goals. In the case of Detroit: Become Human, these goals often require making certain decisions or choosing certain paths. Even though most of these requirements are hidden by default, the trophies still lead players to experience particular events of the story. But what is your opinion about the selection of these events? Are there trophies in the game which you consider unnecessary or unimportant? Which events in the game are so important that they should be rewarded with a trophy? Feel free to share your thoughts about this topic.

Here's a list of all trophies and their descriptions in case you don't remember all of them.

To Jericho, deviants!

Topic suggestion by /u/PinguTux


You can leave feedback and suggestions in the thread which is linked here.

A list of previous discussion threads and poll results can be found in the other thread which is linked here.

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