Detroit: Become Human

Discussion Thread #20: Machine Connor and Deviant Connor

DetroitBecomeHuman5 - Discussion Thread #20: Machine Connor and Deviant Connor

This is our 20th discussion thread.

It will be stickied for two weeks until the next discussion thread is submitted.

Since this is an in-depth discussion post, it is expected that participants have completed the base game in the very least. As such, spoiler tags are not necessary for this thread.

You have been warned!


> Hints for a big announcement by Quantic Dream in 2019: official Quantic Dream Twitter says "We shall be back soon with some great news" and David Cage also mentions "We have plans to make 2019 very exciting too" on his Twitter.

> Detroit: Become Human is nominated in the categories "Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction", "Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Composition", "Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design" and "Adventure Game of the Year" of the 22nd Annual D.I.C.E. Awards.

> More than 4,000 people have signed the petition for a Markus and Simon DLC.


  • January 2030 – Release date of Luther/TR400
  • January 24, 1978 – Birthday of Michael Brinkley (CTN TV news presenter)


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Our current topic is: Machine Connor and Deviant Connor

Depending on your choices during the game, Connor can take a rather machine-like or deviant-like path or some path in between, until he finally has to decide who or what he really wants to be (if he isn't deactivated before this point). Which path or specific choices of Connor do you prefer? What do you think which ending fits his story best: an ending as deviant, as a machine, permanently deactivated or destroyed? Please share your thoughts about this topic.

To Jericho, deviants!

Topic suggestion by /u/-Tatjana-


You can leave feedback and suggestions in the thread which is linked here.

A list of previous discussion threads and poll results can be found in the other thread which is linked here.

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