Detroit: Become Human

Discussion Thread #23: The Mysterious Mister Kamski

DetroitBecomeHuman2 - Discussion Thread #23: The Mysterious Mister Kamski

h2NbHNY - Discussion Thread #23: The Mysterious Mister Kamski

This is our 23rd discussion thread.

It will be stickied for two weeks until the next discussion thread is submitted.

Since this is an in-depth discussion post, it is expected that participants have completed the base game in the very least. As such, spoiler tags are not necessary for this thread.

You have been warned!


> In PlayStation Store US: Permanent price drop for the standard version (now $19,99) and the Digital Deluxe Edition (now $29,99) of Detroit: Become Human.

> No awards for Detroit: Become Human at the 22nd Annual D.I.C.E. Awards. God of War won in the four nominated categories ("Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction", "Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Composition", "Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design" and "Adventure Game of the Year") instead.

> Bryan Dechart and Amelia Rose Blaire continue their "I'll Be Back" playthrough on Twitch. The streams take place on Saturdays at noon/12pm PST. Full streaming schedule can be viewed on their Twitch channel.

> In an interview with DualShockers, Bryan Dechart and Amelia Rose Blaire talk about their streams on Twitch and the ConnorArmy.

> New ConnorArmy/DechartGames merchandise is now available on



  • February 2034 – Release date of Simon (PL600)
  • February 2038 – first reports about deviants appear in DPD files


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Our current topic is: The Mysterious Mister Kamski

According to Connor, Elijah Kamski is one of the great geniuses of the 21st century. Nevertheless, not much is known about the founder and former CEO of CyberLife. Especially regarding his knowledge about the current events in November 2038, he keeps his statements rather vague during the chapter "Meet Kamski". But what do you think? How much does Kamski actually know about deviancy or rA9? Is he somehow involved in the android uprising? Or how the magazine Century puts it: "What's in the mind of the mysterious Mr. Kamski?" Feel free to discuss your thoughts and theories here.

To Jericho, deviants!

Topic suggestion by /u/AngelAssassin19


You can leave feedback and suggestions in the thread which is linked here or send a direct message to /u/aliceZZard.

A list of previous discussion threads and poll results can be found in the other thread which is linked here.

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