Detroit: Become Human

Discussion Thread #24: Would You Work for CyberLife?

DetroitBecomeHuman3 - Discussion Thread #24: Would You Work for CyberLife?

upa74zm - Discussion Thread #24: Would You Work for CyberLife?

This is our 24th discussion thread.

It will be stickied for two weeks until the next discussion thread is submitted.

Since this is an in-depth discussion post, it is expected that participants have completed the base game in the very least. As such, spoiler tags are not necessary for this thread.

You have been warned!


> Sony has launched two PlayStation 4 themes for free to celebrate International Women’s Day. Both themes feature Kara among other female characters of PS4 games. 2019's theme is only available
EP9000 CUSA01501 00 INTWOMENSDAY2019 - Discussion Thread #24: Would You Work for CyberLife?

in the European PlayStation Store. Last year's theme (in Europe) is available in the European store and the US store.

> Detroit: Become Human is nominated in the categories "Artistic Achievement" and "Audio Achievement" of the BAFTA Games Awards 2019. The winners will be announced at the ceremony on April 4th 2019.

> The finale of Bryan Dechart's and Amelia Rose Blaire's "I'll Be Back" playthrough on Twitch takes place on Saturday, March 16th at noon/12pm PST. On March 23rd at noon/12pm PST, there's another stream of unlocking artwork and Behind The Scenes content for the "These Are Our Stories" trophy. Their full streaming schedule can be viewed on their Twitch channel.


  • March 21, 2010 – Birthday of Leo Manfred
  • March 25, 1999 – Birthday of Elizabeth Wilson (supervisor at reception of Stratford Tower)
  • March 31, 1993 – Birthday of Rose Chapman


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Our current topic is: Would You Work for CyberLife?

In Detroit: Become Human, CyberLife, the company founded by Elijah Kamski in 2018, is the world's leading designer, manufacturer and retailer of androids and becomes the world's first trillion dollar company in 2038. CyberLife has stores all over the country and plans to open multiple zoos with "android" animals. Their product range includes various android models like domestic and personal assistants, teachers, doctors, police officers, soldiers, and different "android" animals. Despite its success, the company is not free of controversies. Its founder left the company for unknown reasons in 2028, androids are considered to be the main reason for the highest unemployment rate in American history, and in 2038 more and more androids suddenly start to disobey their owners and disappear (and become what is commonly referred to as "deviants").

Now it's your turn to discuss: Would you work for CyberLife if you could? What reasons do you have for your decision? Could it change depending on the events in the game?

To Jericho, deviants!

Topic suggestion by
sleepycharlie - Discussion Thread #24: Would You Work for CyberLife?


You can leave feedback and suggestions in the thread which is linked here or send a direct message to /u/aliceZZard.

A list of previous discussion threads and poll results can be found in the other thread which is linked here.

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