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Finished playing DBH for the first time (PC) I have some “controversial” opinions on the game and it’s story.

DetroitBecomeHuman8 - Finished playing DBH for the first time (PC) I have some "controversial" opinions on the game and it's story.

(This will most likely devolve into a bit of a rant post so i apologize for that, and if i offend anyone, i am very sorry about that too since that is not the intention of this post, also heads up, it will be a long read.) Before i begin this post i would like to preface a few things to just clear up if people ask "But why do you not agree with X thing?" and remember this is all just my opinion and while some of the things i write may seem unrelated, it gives a clear view to why i think these things.

So i'm Christian, a hardcore Traditionalist/Absolute Monarchist (Though i admit that bit is unrelated to most of what i write, just wanted to give context to my thought prosess and overall views if that makes any sense.) I see the game's narrative being somewhat purposefully left-wing, not completely though. i don't fully agree with the "Oh poor toasters have feelings too!" thing, at least not to the extent others tend to, and the one-sided narrative of the game (while i enjoyed the story) drives me up the wall.

Right to start with, i really love Hank and Connor, they are my two favourite characters in the game due to their fantastic father-son like duo as the story progresses (well depending on how you play Connor that is) how they develop as Connor is trying his darnedest to understand Hank and become friends with him is super sweet, basically all the chapters involving them were my favourite.

A particular way that i played Connor on my first playthrough was maybe not unique but i found it made him an interesting character since watching letsplays if they were playing a full Machine Connor throughout till the end, they tended to make him cold and cruel, both to Deviants and Hank, but in my playthrough i though i would make him a completely friendly and nice Machine Connor, towards Deviants it would be to manipulate them to trust him long enough to get what he wants in one way making him just as, if not more cruel as a cold Machine Connor since he would use his social module to his advantage against them, but towards Hank and other humans his effort into them liking him were genuine since at first it was the simple understanding that if Hank got along with him better then solving cases would go more smoothly but then over the course of the game it would be that he gains a proper respect for Hank and sees him a friend, even a father figure.

One thing that i really didn't like about this game is that while yes it had plenty of choices in one way, it all boiled down to "Let the toasters win and become Deviant, best end, even though loads of humans were either injured or killed or even as a pacifist led a nation into chaos to cry out "But muh toaster freedom!" or turning into option two of "Oh humans win but thats bad because humans bad and evil, who cares that apart from a few cases, every single Android that became Deviant killed their owners and STILL SEEN AS VICTIMS (looking at those Tracis, Daniel and North), like yes i understand them being abused or damage is not ok in anyway and realistically humans should have made laws against causing harm to avoid them becoming Deviant, so like a built in thing where if there are getting hurt they can call the police automatically to report that behaviour and install that social module that Connor had, same goes for humans harming other humans (Even though Alice was also an Android, in this context lets say she was human, Kara could notify police of Todd's abuse and illegal drugs without needing direct orders to do so from anyone, in the same way that a lot of orders that Hank gave Connor, he could just straight up disregard them if there was a greater priority.)


The ending really to me doesn't give much of any true choice, an example, say played as a good Machine Connor, that still took down all the Deviants (except Rupert since he would prioritize saving Hanks life than chasing the Android.) but at the same time played Markus as a violent revolutionary that kill every human he could, i feel that should have impacted the way Hank would react to you taking down the Deviants, so if he know that they equal killers, he would be ok with Connor taking down the Deviants rather that still being upset with Connor doing his job and stopping violent Androids from running off and at the end of the game if you stayed as a machine but remained friends with Hank, they would continue working together on different cases, maybe Connor would become Hanks step-son in a way and look after Hank as he grew older. (Even if the Androids win, be it through the pacifist run or violent run, there still should have been that kind of choice to remain a machine but still care for Hank.)

Another reason to why i think the story was so one-sided was because it only ever showed one story, that of "poor toasters" no real story on the humans loosing their jobs because of them, sure small detail and background stuff but its never built on or any alternate view of humans treating their Androids still like machines but nicely, sure you could say Carl is one example but even then he seemed to care more for Markus than his own son, which still feeds into the whole poor toaster thing since he actively wanted to make Markus more Deviant, oh and the one thing that bugs me the most is Markus himself, i really don't like his character, be it him being violent or pacifist i always found him to be a really boring character, and even the whole irony of his story is pretty funny to me, his whole thing is wanting to make both himself and other Androids free, yet the entire time he spend "liberating" Androids he is just putting them under his direct control rather than humans, while this may come off as a tin-hat theory i think that his "Convert Android" ability that he has is more of a data corrupting thing he can do to gain more followers and a sort of hive-mind that follow him since he reprogrammed them to join his cause, making humans think suddenly tons of Androids (that include those shop ones) have all risen up against them by there own choice, speaking of the shop Androids, assuming they were brand new and had never made real human contact it seems super weird that the first thing they do after Markus "freed" them and even him going on about them being free to do whatever, they all were like "Yeah sure lets team up with this random guy! Woo, free Androids, we are alive!"

I don't really have to much of an opinion on Kara's story, while yeah it was kinda cute and her looking after Alice was nice, it did ultimately feel kinda boring to me.

At current thats all i have to say, but i'm actually really interested to read comments on what you guys thought about what i wrote, hopefully it all made sense, i'm not sure if i missed anything to mention, but if i did let me know!

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