Detroit: Become Human

How did you deal post-game?

DetroitBecomeHuman6 - How did you deal post-game?

I finished it last night and I still can't stop thinking about it. I'm just like not sure — I feel like I want to dive back into the game again and start over from the beginning. I feel like I still need to re-immerse myself into the game again. Like an android who has predicted every outcome and is now just beginning his move (sounds cheesy, I know :p )

It also felt like I've missed out on a lot of things, as I near the end, compared to how I was starting out. I was ending the episodes earlier than I'm supposed to. There are things that I could not wrap my head around about why certain things happened, and things that I could've avoided. These are the choices that I picked because it's what I feel I'd do in that situation, and they always end up being shit — so I feel bad knowing this about myself. In my mind, I was all three of them, and that can't be right, when it should've been them telling me what they would do in that situation. (A little extra: my screenwriting professor told me that as we delve deeper into our crafts, our characters would begin to talk to us in our heads)


I still really love this game, having played all QD games, in fact, I love this game more than I thought I would, because this one feel so different. It requires a lot more thinking than just trying to survive/accomplishing things like the previous games. The world feels a lot bigger too and it gives you an impression that this particular QD game is actually worthy of several replays. So now, I've come to a conclusion that I should play this game again, but with the right mindset this second time around.

Sorry for the essay. Here's a TLDR: I'm still not satisfied, so I should play it again!

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