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How old is Markus?

DetroitBecomeHuman3 - How old is Markus?

This is a highly circumstantial theory based on all data given on the matter which…. is just a hair more than nothing.

Markus has been with Carl for several years, as established in the extras and can be seen in the fact that Carl is comfortable in his wheelchair, painting again and quite often if he has an exhibit launching, and has been for quite a while as most art shows of such calibre require a significant time to put together (most taking a couple years; creating the pieces for show, setting up the venue, getting word out to attendees and buyers, etc.) While the extra content establishes that Markus was given to Carl during a dark time following his losing use of his legs and ultimately falling into such a depression that he gave up painting.

On top of that, there is the relationship between them. Carl and Markus talk and act naturally around each other and Markus even calls Carl 'Dad' or Carl tells Markus he is 'Like a son's. So it can be confirmed that they have been together for a while.

The second evidence we see is Markus' chassis, which can only be seen during the Junkyard chapter. All other times he removes his skin, Markus' torso is covered by clothing. And that is where the interesting details come in. Markus' chassis has transparent plating over the Thirium pump, making it entirely visible. However, all other android models we see without skin (Kara: released 2032, Luther: released 2030, Jerry: released 2028) all have solid white chassis. Of the androids we see in Jericho who are on the verge of shutting down, none of them have hidden transparent panels either.


Then comes the fact that Markus' face without skin is also unique, showing high contrast panels on the sides and the chin, the only other android with this sort of paneling being Connor, so it can be assumed this is a trait seen in the schematics for the RK series and carried on down the line. But what Connor doesn't have is the unique barcode found on Markus' cheekbone. No other android in the series has such an identification mark on their chassis. It is possible that Markus was branded with this special mark as he was not a Cyberlife-made android, designed by Kamski following his eviction from the company in 2028. However it is also most likely that his doing so would have been illegal. No doubt Cyberlife had him "retire" with an explicit contract to not make androids in a private setting, as doing so would place him in competition with his own company and would make him liable to being sued. We also see that Cyberlife has the files for the RK series at all. Meaning Markus must have been assembled in a Cyberlife manufacturing building. This is compounded by the marking found on all androids above the right eyebrow.

So with the timeline established, as well as smaller aspects of the relationship and with the extra knowledge surrounding circumstances of Carl's situation and the schematics, we must assume Markus has been with Carl since before Elijah left Cyberlife. But he also had to have been made following the original RT600 Chloe. She was perfected in 2022, and if androids designed in 2028 have completely opaque, white chassis, that means Markus must have been created between the years of 2023-2027.

This makes Markus anywhere from 11-15 years old by the time the game takes place.

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