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I cannot be the only one who hates North

DetroitBecomeHuman3 - I cannot be the only one who hates North

(This contain spoiler)

I mean, she's too hostile on my view, and I find her romance with Markus extremely forced. David, dude, when (one of) your protagonist has more chemistry with another character (Simon) that the one you ended him with… you must know that something is not working.

Being a couple with North only has sense or logic if we act violently, cuz she will like and enjoy our decisions, but, in a pacifist or neutral route? Well, NOPE. She dislike everything you do, and may gets hostile with you, and then, you are nice to her, and check out her memory and BOOM, wow, "we're lovers now".

A forced romance with a rude character with genocide tendencies just put me on my nerves.

Do not get me wrong, I found this game as a MASTERPIECE: te music, the grafics, the story, the characters… it's just GORGEOUS. But nothing's perfect, an as a fan, I just wanted to say this.

I will always prefer shipping Markus with Simon, he's literally a cutie who:

  • put the life of his people before anything else.
  • suport his friends, even if they are agressive cuz he understand how they feels.
  • won't hurt a fly, unless it is extremely necessary.

  • will, literally, die for Markus, while North just look. (Siman can sacrifice himself for Markus at least 3 times, while, North will just look. "But North can sacrifice herself too!" Oh…can she? No. She just would offer her heart to Markus and he can actually deny it, but Simon's can't. And that only 1 vs 3 or more "i love you and i will die for you and our cause". She just look while Simon jumps to fight 3 cops whose were beatin Markus up, and dying on saving him, come on!)

  • he dont get mad at her when North wants to kill him, he is too pure for that, and will accept to die for their protection. (He just don't wanted Markus to kill him, but he will kill himself if it is necessary)

  • it's very sage, and knows how to safe lifes, or what's the best for his people.

  • will NEVER leave one of them behind or abandon them.

  • he understands that they must leave without him, and appreciate your merci with his life, what he appreciate the most.

  • its the one who support Markus the most, even if he dies, since Josh may gets hostile and North will complain…but what does Simon do? Defend Markus. -T h e g l a r e s; the way he looks at Markus… if it isn't love, sorry, I don't know what is it.

So, well… why was North the romance option again?… cuz I cannot see it.

(The worst part is that Simon was going to be a romance option but the game was already "too complicated" … excuse me? Then why did David Cage just get the North's one, since her romance is illogical unless you are violent, but Simon's may apply in any route?…

The principal target of this kind of game are most male players, so, it it was because of that that they didn't… we know what just happened here. "But the game has actually an lgbt couple!" Yeah… two sexy lesbian prostitutes who fights in sexy outfits. (Their story is beautiful, but, hear me here, they could have been males since there were male hoes in there too, but no, they took the lesbian couple AND do not put the Simon option )… I would do not like to see this as an homophobic shit, but it looks a bit like, there is something related to it. I still LOVE the game, but this, this kind of details gets me mad.

To put me a forced romance; just do not put romance.

(Sorry if there are grammar errors, i aint a English speaker)

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