Detroit: Become Human

I just finished the game and I really want to talk about my playthrough. [Long post]

DetroitBecomeHuman5 - I just finished the game and I really want to talk about my playthrough. [Long post]

Conner Story

At Conners first mission I sacrificed Conner in order to save the little girl. When the icon I felt a sense if pride and accomplishment even if Conner was destroyed.

Chasing down the deviant

I chose to save Hank. Letting Hank die defeats the purpose on why Conner is an investigator.

The Eden Club

Upon seeing the Eden Club I was absolutely disgusted with the sexual degeneracy. People are so far gone from relationships that they have to rent sex robots. Absolutely atrocious. I don't know how would Conner have trouble fighting against two strippers but he did, eventually Conner won the fight. *When Conners gun was aimed at one of the Tracis I chose to shoot her in self defense. *

I didn't really feel sorry when the blu haired one gave her whole self rightous speech about her motives, she heard Hanks chatter about his disgust with the people at the Eden Club and yet she chose to attack us.

Later on Hank was drunk off his mind and aimed the gun at Conners head asking if he was afraid of dying. I chose the "No" option. Hank asked if I felt anything when shooting the android and I replied no . I'm Pretty sure Hank blew Conners brains out afterwards. Doesn't matter, cyberlife can bill him the 200k it costs to make a new Conner.

Stratford Tower

A bunch of terroristic deviants attacked the stratford tower. It's now Conners job to work out what happened. Conner analyzed the scene and eventually interrogated some deviants one of them ran off and got a fucking assult rifle, I managed to grab one of the guards guns and stop the massacre. Conner wasn't happy that he had to destroy the deviant however, but the massacre would've defeated Conners purpose.

Meet Kamski


In the waiting room Hank said the android was pretty. I agreed, internally but I wanted to remain logical so I chose the "Apathetic" option. "It's not a girl it's a machine that looks like a girl". When Kamski was asking me all of these ridiculous questions I dismissed them, but when he presented me with shooting the android I wanted the information but I just couldn't. I spared her and I still feel a bit ashamed.

When Conner finally tracked down the deviant leader known as Markus I chose to have Conner remain a machine.

*Markus's story

During the story with Markus he started out peaceful but when the confronted Markus's protest there where 3 options, stay, run away, or attack. I chose to run away but when the cops where gonna gun us down anyway I chose attack and defeated the police, not one of them was spared, this completely tanked the public opinion.

Later I chose to have a revolution.

During the "Crossroads" chapter Conner was going to assassinate Markus through sniping him. When Hank confronted Conner I chose the morr aggressive choices which I still remember.

"What's up lieutenant? Ran out of whiskey so you came here looking for trouble instead"

Eventually there was a fight, I managed to win the fight but I didn't drop Hank off the roof. When Hank tried to surprise Conner I defended myself killing Hank, a tragic ending to Hanks life.

The last few chapters with Markus where absolutely tense, I managed to get through the US army until Conner confronted Markus with his gun drawn. The wrestled a bit until an option showed up.

I chose control Markus because he worked harder for his victory. Eventually I defeated Conner, the supposed emotionless machine was genuinely angry and stressed when he lost.

I think I got the best ending. Markus won, Kara managed to save Alice and Conner, well… I try to switch viewpoints when playing as Conner. But still, what do you guys think?

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