Detroit: Become Human

I like to think I got a really good ending, though I know it could have gone better.

DetroitBecomeHuman9 - I like to think I got a really good ending, though I know it could have gone better.

I finished this game about a month ago, and it did many things to me emotionally. I did my own playthrough then bugged my roommate until he did one as well, making many wrong choices and getting lots of people killed along the way. Most of my decisions, I thought, were pretty true to how I interpreted the characters and what I thought was best for the story, and as a result the ending largely felt really earned. Still, there were some things I wish would have unfolded differently. Heavy spoilers for the game follow, so be warned if you haven't finished or gotten the same ending as I have and want to try for it.

  • For Kara's storyline:
    • Kara went deviant and shot Todd.
    • Kara and Alice stayed in the run-down house with Ralph, because I couldn't bring myself to steal the guy's clothes to get into the motel.
    • Kara was reset at Zlatko's house, but finding the copy of Alice in Wonderland brought her back. Luther turned on Zlatko and escaped with Kara and Alice.
    • At Jericho, Kara was warm to Alice after discovering she was an android.
    • Kara, Luther, and Alice all reunited and made it to Canada by stealing the bus tickets and sacrificing Ralph at the border.
  • For Connor's storyline:
    • Connor died in the first scene, when he jumped from the roof to save the hostage. This was the only time he died.
    • The deviant from the first crime scene survived the interrogation, but later self-destructed at the police station.
    • Connor and Hank warmed up to each other over time. Connor eventually learned about the death of Hank's son.
    • Connor saved Hank when chasing the deviant across the rooftops, allowing the deviant to escape but strengthening Connor's software instability and relationship with Hank.
    • Connor spared the two androids at the strip club.
    • Connor spared Chloe.
    • At Jericho, Connor went deviant and joined Markus' rebellion.
    • Connor chose not to sacrifice Hank at the end, leading to a confrontation in which Connor knew the name of Hank's son and Hank made the right decision.
    • Connor remained deviant, defied Amanda and escaped his mind palace.
  • For Markus' storyline:
    • Markus did not react when Leo was harassing him, causing Carl to have a heart attack.
    • Markus committed to a peaceful revolution throughout the playthrough. There were only two instances of the revolution killing people: the person who tried to run at the news station, and the cops from the raid on the Cyberlife store, whose fates Markus left up to the androids.
    • Markus eventually became lovers with North, despite her wanting a violent revolution.
    • At Jericho, Markus managed to save Simon, but Josh died because I was incompetent and failed too many QTEs. Something strange happened with North; she was put in danger just as we were escaping the ship, but when I tried to go back and save her there didn't seem to be an option that would have saved her. So North died as well.
    • At the final confrontation Markus sang, and public opinion was favorable enough to convince the president to call off the troops.
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Overall my body count consisted of Connor (once), Todd, Carl, the first deviant Connor happens upon, Zlatko, a guy in the news station, the deviant from the news station, the cops from the Cyberlife store raid, Josh, North, and Jerry. While some of these deaths I'm not so happy about–specifically Carl, Josh, and North come to mind–there are others I understand were either necessary or natural for the plot to progress, such as Todd, Zlatko and Jerry (there's like a hundred of him, and he wasn't going to get past the border anyway!).

I want to know how my ending could have ended up better. I know it could have, because I've seen clips online of endings where North survives, and I know that Carl can be saved if you push Leo at the beginning. I guess all this is to ask what the absolute best ending is, and how to get it.

TL;DR: Here's my playthrough. What decisions could I have made in order to get a better ending?

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