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DetroitBecomeHuman10 - I think rA9 is...

The three protagonists, Kara, Connor and Markus. Why?

In Hindu mythology, there is a god known as Vishnu, arguably the most powerful. Except Vishnu isn’t actually a god, but rather, a prophecy (to me atleast), and believed to have been the catalyst for many of the most well-known stories in Hinduism. According to this mythology, Vishnu has already taken to the form of two gods (Shiva and Krishna) throughout the span of mankind (or atleast India). I think rA9 works the same way.

Think about it, Kara seemingly manifested the virus on her own and became a deviant. But what if she didn’t? Her production took place in 2032, yet Kamski left in 2028, meaning he wouldn’t have have known to create an android to activate this exact virus, AKA, Markus (and eventually, Connor). Unless he did. What if he had made a very small error in the program in order to let Kara deviate? The Creator was bamboozled at Kara’s initial deviancy, implying that no such android had existed prior to her. This means that Kara could be Kamski’s first and only attempt at creating the virus.

Now, Kamski knew that he couldn’t just let the virus roam freely, otherwise, his androids would never see the light of day. Which is why specifically made two triggers in order for the virus to activate and allow the androids to deviate:

1) Android experiences emotional shock 2) Android comes into contact with either Markus or Connor (Connor is interesting as he can freely GIVE Markus’s powers to any normal android)

This way, an android will look like a normal android, but once it experiences either of the above events, it will become a deviant, where it is no longer restricted by its program or a set of laws. Once Kara was freed by The Creator, she was sold out into the world, where she had approximately six years to make contact with atleast one other android. This allows her to spread the virus, as outlined by Kamski himself and slowly set up the city of Detroit with millions of almost-deviant androids.

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Because an emotional shock may not always be possible, Kamski had to manufacture a way to “inject” an emotional shock into an android so that the virus can activate almost immediately. Markus is the result of this idea. An android who is able to inject his own tragic experiences into the androids he sees and can free them of their digital shackles. What’s interesting however, is that I don’t think it’s actually Markus’s job to free all of the androids, but rather Connor’s. Throughout the game’s endings, we know that androids can only win if Markus is leading them. This gave me the suggestion that Connor is the one that frees them all (the androids in the CyberLife tower) and Markus leads them to freedom.

As I mentioned before, the androids will only win if Markus is leading them. Why is that? Why can’t North win? Because while she has the passion to fight, she does not have the strength to inspire the androids around her, hence why they all flee under her leadership. Why does Connor kill himself if Markus is not there? Well, it’s actually pretty simple, yet extremely brutal. He just couldn’t handle the stress of being up there, with close to a million androids watching him, expecting him to say something, only to be hacked himself by Amanda (who is a program and is forced to say that everything was intentional). Markus can withstand that pressure because he has been to hell and back, he has faced near-death on catastrophic scales. To him, that stage was his victory lap. To Connor, it was a nightmare come true.

The reason I’m putting all of this together is because I’ve consistently heard the same three things about rA9:

1) rA9 is the first 2) rA9 is our saviour 3) rA9 is the one who’ll free us all

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If this sounds familiar, it’s probably because this is what was found in Rupert’s diary. The same three things are also said by Luther, and to some extent, Kamski himself. The people of Jericho are only aware of the third statement, hence why they think rA9 is Markus. You can also match all three statements to each protagonist, Kara, Markus and Connor, respectively.

In conclusion, I think that rA9 isn’t rather an android, but a series of events, or a prophecy, which ultimately leads to the freedom of all androids. Kara plants the virus, Connor gives deviants the power to activate it and Markus has the strength to lead them to freedom.

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