Detroit: Become Human

I’ll Be Back + Survivors

DetroitBecomeHuman5 - I'll Be Back + Survivors

I figured out how to get both trophies simultaneously. Do a peaceful route with Markus and keep everyone alive with Kara (there are other tutorials on how to do this). As for Connor…

"The Hostage" – Choose "Sacrifice Self". "Partners" – Find the deviant in the attic.

"The Interrogation" – Choose "Probe Memory" then "Intervene".

"On the Run" – Have Kara get found, then have Connor chase her on the hoghway and fail enough QTEs that he dies.

"The Nest" – Fail QTEs when Connor is doing dangerous stunts.

"The Eden Club" – Fail to find the Tracis.

"The Bridge" – If Hank's relationship isn't already "Hostile", keep answering "Cold" to his questions until it is. Then he'll shoot you.


"Public Enemy" – Interrogate the androids in the kitchen (it's the one on the far left). After being attacked, remove the knife and reach the pump regulator. Then, chase the deviant and choose "Save Hank". The deviant then shoots Connor.

"Meet Kamski" – Spare Chloe.

"Last Chance, Connor" – Ignore Gavin and get Jericho's location from the Stratford Tower deviant using Markus's speech. Then fail all QTEs against Gavin and he'll kill you.

"Crossroads" – Choose "Perkins Excuse" when confrontrd by the soldier, then complete a simple QTE with Markus and he shoots Connor in the head.

"Battle for Detroit" – At the roof, either lose the fight against Hank or spare him then fail the QTE. As Markus is giving his speech, choose "Don't Shoot" then reach the emergency exit (just walk straight until you see blue light).

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